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HMS Victory by GrandpaPhil - Mantua - Scale 1:98

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I have all gunport lids installed.


Upon careful review of the plans contained in the Anatomy of the Ship, I discovered that two of my gunports weren’t gunports, they were windows.  I adjusted the gunport lids accordingly.  I already knew about the two up front.  I made those from leftover gunport lids.


None of the windows were on the Mantua plans that came with the kit, lol.


I’m learning a lot with this build.


I posted up a question about the AOTS plans.  I think that 8 gunports on each side of the upper deck do not have lids.  I would appreciate any feedback on that.


If it turns out that I’m right and they’re not supposed to be there, I’m going to remove them.


Next, I’m going to redo the gunports on the quarterdeck.  I’m going to open them up and make some frames for them.










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I removed the gunport lids from the waist gun gunports and modified the gunport frames accordingly.


I also marked out my cut marks for the quarterdeck gunports.  I drew them slightly oversized to allow for the gunport frames that I am going to make.


I’m not going to lie, the model looks a little rough right now, but it’ll look a whole lot better once I touch up all of the paint.






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My quarterdeck gunports now have frames!


On to the drip shields!


As a side note, I am very happy with how this project is turning out.  I’m very glad that I bought the Anatomy Of The Ship for this build.  Modifications are going well.  I’m not going to mess with the stern or quarter galleries, and I’m using the guns that came with the kit, but everything else is getting modified to the AOTS standard. By the time I get to the Triton, I’ll have plenty of experience.  😀


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I love this! If the book you are talking about is "The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships" by C Nepean Longridge I have it too. A very informative tome sir and one I will be referring to once I have finished the basic framing etc. What you are doing is just great. You have taken a kit and are in the process of making it even more true to form. A big thumbs up from me on that one. She is starting to take shape very nicely. 

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I made the lower gundeck drip shields and installed them!


They are made from cardstock.  I cut them from the sheets that I made for the port scuttles.


 I made sure that I made plenty of extras.


Next, I’m going to scan a picture of the rest of the drip shields (which are different), and cut them out.


Quick lessons learned for everyone, make sure you use sealant on cardstock parts before you cut them out.  It makes life much easier.







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Thank you!


I made some adjustments to my bulwarks and opened up the entry ports.  I have one framed.  


I will be making the canopies  after I frame up the other one.


I’ve never done this level of model building before.  So, I am developing much of my woodworking skills on the fly, lol.


I’m having fun with it and learning a lot, which is the whole point of this project.0F82056B-E174-4D0C-966C-034A18C97B9D.thumb.jpeg.3b9f0373022c8bda2d52b4bb5d139b52.jpeg




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Still working on the entry ports.


After one massive failure, I realized that I needed to develop my carving skills, and buy some better quality wood to make my carvings from.  


Basswood doesn’t hold tiny details very well.


However, I ran through the carving tutorials in the group project, which were very helpful, and I’m going to press on with the entry port carvings.

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Cedar is a beautiful wood. I had an old cedar tree here on the property that needed to come down. Once I had felled it I gave it to a friend of mine who has a sawmill. He cut me a nice piece out of the trunk that I am going to use as a bench. It is sitting in my woodshop now waiting for me to sand it down. Every time I go in there I can't help going over to it and taking a good sniff :)

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