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US Brig Syren by smarra - Model Shipways - 1:64 - First wooden ship build

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This is my first posting here. I am about to start my second wooden ship build.

I believe the first model was the Dumas Kuala Lumpur kit, I built over 30 years ago.


I picked this kit, due to the fact of the detailed instructions included.

There also seems to an abundant wealth of info here on this site about that kit.


I have built RC planes both from kit and scratch before.


There will not be much progress on this until next month, I have a rocketry project that needs to get off the work bench first as you can see in the last photo.











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Preformed the rabbet strip.

IMG_6598.thumb.JPG.8b5e2718dd7791bc1ffba7517b7fcede.JPGDry fit the bulk heads, the stern looks to line up nice.



The bow not so much, The second bulk head bevel line falls short of the bearding line. I guess I'll remark to the bearding line and bevel from there, worst case I guess I'll have to do more sanding when fairing the hull.


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35 minutes ago, Y.T. said:

The soft wood pieces in stern and bow make lots of sense for proper hull curvature there. Wood pieces in the middle of the hull - I am not sure what benefit they can bring.


I put them there in hopes of keeping the keel and bulkheads straight.

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One of the great benefits of the additional blocks comes during planking of the deck. Now you don’t have to be concerned about being over a bulkhead to attach decking planks as you have the entire surface for glue. I do this all the time, makes the build really sturdy.

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2 minutes ago, HIPEXEC said:

Careful! The whole thing is very fragile at this point. Most of us had to do major re-work after breaking the fragile wood.


I'm finding that out, just sanding very lightly at this point. That is why it is taken so long to move on the the next step.

Hopefully as more wood is added it gets stronger.





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