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HM Schooner Pickle by The Sailor - FINISHED - JoTiKa - Scale 1:64

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Hi all, welcome to my build log.


I'm a new menber and last Friday I started the build of JoTiKas HM Schooner Pickle. It's a very nice little kit.

I think I don't need to show the box and all the parts of the kit, because here are some very fine build logs of the Schooner Pickle.


Forever associated with Admiral Nelson's final and most historic victory, the Battle of Trafalgar 1805, Pickle was chosen to carry the News of Nelson's victory and death back to England.


And here are the first pictures:




Almost ready for the first planking.





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Thank you very much, Blue Ensign.


One step back: After glueing the stern fascia to the hull there was a big gap.




I don't know how this could happend but this gap has to be closed. So I glued a stripe of walnut to the bottom of the stern fascia. Now after some filling and sanding I'm happy with the stern.





Today I've drilled the hawse holes and the bowsprit hole. Due to the position of the bowsprit the port and starboard hawse holes are not symmetrical.








Now the hull is ready for being coppered and painted.

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Thank you very much, David. Much appreciated.


Well, one plate is still missing, but the coppering of the hull is done.








It looks good so far, but...




...a closer look shows a pretty wavy waterline. This requires some finishing work. So I just glued a wooden strip along the waterline and the problem was resolved.





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Thanks for the comment, B.E. :)


There is one part left to be coppered: The rudder.




Before glueing the copper plates I tapered the rudder along the red line. Sorry I didn't take any fotos from this part. After tapering the rudder I've glued the copper plates in an angle of 90 degrees to the hinge. I don't know if this is correct, but I saw this on some models.


Well, and here are the last pictures from the coppering:






This is only a test. The rudder will be fitted later.



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Hi Richard,


I've Just been reading through your log, vey nice work so far especially with the coppering. This will be my next build after I finnish the 'Norfolk' hopefully I will make a start next weekend :). I like the idea you had of planking the deck off the hull as opposed to the kit Instructions of fitting it first and then planking it. I think I will do mine that way when I get to that stage as it will be easier to sand the planks to shape.

Did you have any problems fitting it?

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