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Tourist by MrBlueJacket - FINISHED - The Laughing Whale - scale 5/8" = 1' - Steam Launch

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Let me start by saying the scale listed is just a guess - nowhere on the plans, box, or instructions is a scale given. The pilot house is 4" from the deck to the roof, so at 5/8" scale it would be 6"5". I'm calling it a reasonable guess!


This kit is from the 1980's, and the owner wants to see it finished. This should be a fun build. I can see some extra detailing, especially the interior. Although designed to be R/C, it will be a static model. The balsa wood hull side will be replaced with basswood for starters. Here's the kit contents:



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Hi Nic, I built this model many yaers ago, mid 80s i believe. I epoxyed the hull and installed a midwest steam engine.



I will be following your progress.

                                                                                              Bob Porter

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Looks terrific...Moab

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Under Construction:

Emma C. Berry...Model Shipways


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