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    fishing boats clippers ham radio ( k1jmm )

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  1. Glad to see you back modeling again. Takes awhile to get back to normal. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Bob Porter
  2. Welcome to this great site.You have made a good choice with the lincolnville wherry. It is a very nice little model I have one displayed in my living room.Good luck on your build. Bob Porter randolph maine
  3. Super looking diorama. Thanks for sharing your progress. Bob Porter
  4. Wow Super job. Keep up the great work. Bob Porter
  5. I will be waiting for this batten kit for my Bowdoin which I am presently rigging (slowly). Real great idea. I was wondering how to do this and make it look good. Thanks alot. Bob Porter
  6. Welcome Scott to a great hobby from another radio amateur. Bob Porter k1jmm
  7. Hi Jon from another mainer building the Bowdion. Hope the knee mends in a hurry. This winter has been very bad for ice. I have been following your progress and am impressed with your build. Good luck. Bob Porter
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