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The Trawler by MrBlueJacket - FINISHED - Laughing Whale / Midwest scale 7/16" = 1' (1:27.4)

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So here we go again with an older kit. Let's start with the kit contents. Here's one of the two plan sheets, the rigging package, and the instruction booklet.



And here is the other plan sheet, along with the stick wood.



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I took the previous photos on Fri. Saturday I actually started to do some assembly. Here's the keel:



And one of the bulkheads. Experience has taught me that when butt gluing edge pieces, it is better to scarf a piece across the joint to strengthen it. Just be sure it won't be in the way of future assembly steps!


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3 hours ago, ccoyle said:

Kind of off-topic question here, Nic, but now that Midwest has gotten out of the boat kit market, do you know if anyone has designs on acquiring that part of their product line?


Actually, I have not heard anything. We actually talked about it but many are similar to our own offerings.

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On 11/29/2018 at 3:16 PM, MrBlueJacket said:


Actually, I have not heard anything. We actually talked about it but many are similar to our own offerings.

Bluejacket is a great, long time company in this great hobby of ship models. Midwest was a company that many of hobby builders got their start. It was sad to see a company in the hobby end. It would be wonderful if there was a chance Bluejacket to pick up the midwest line and keeping it from becoming a part of history in the hobby. Re-releasing midwest older kits like the one in this build log for many that didn't get the chance to build would be great. Just my thoughts for a hobby that we all love.

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10 hours ago, MrBlueJacket said:

So the bulwarks are on, and it is time to strengthen the soft balsa wood. I decided to use MinWax Polycrylic and silkspan. Here a section being applied.


That's a new way, something to consider for future models. Thanks for the idea.


Btw; Nic, huge thanks for the items sent to me.... Superior service!

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On 12/15/2018 at 1:10 AM, vossiewulf said:

I used the polycrylic on my LN, and just found it doesn't adhere well to anything- I had to mask off the ship to spray the bulwarks and it came off in many places with the tape, even over bare wood. Hopefully you have better luck.


I have used it before when fiber-glassing an R/C plane, and didn't have any problems. It seems to be sticking quite well here, too.

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