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Cutter by qwerty2008 - BOTTLE - Finished

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I am officially hooked on ships in bottles (they make excellent mini builds) so when I found a small vase at the 99 cent only store I had to get one and put a boat/ship in it. I decided to build a cutter because it would fit perfectly.

First I carved the hull from a piece of balsa that I had laying around.





I painted it then remembered that I forgot to make the bulwarks so I made them then I made the mast from a bamboo toothpick.


I repainted the model then wile the paint was drying I made the cannons.

The cannons were made by first cutting short lengths of brass (plaited) wire then cutting out small squares of heavy card then folding them into a U shape finally I dipped the wire in white glue and placed them in the U shaped pieces of paper.









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Is it any particular cutter or just a generic one?

Its just a generic one but I might build a 1/20 scale radio controlled one after I finish (of at least close to finish) my Byzantium.

    I made the rigging next comes the sails.


one showing the unusual bow first method of putting it in the bottle.



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Hello qwerty 2008,

over 25 years ago, when we had a club meeting, a man from Amarika came to visit us and had pictures of his work.
He built ships in wine balloons. I have never seen such works of art and do not forget how fascinated I was then.
I stood at the very beginning of my modeling career.
Now I can literally watch live at this Artwork created.
I do not let me miss this show

Hopefully you continue
:) :)

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You use any special tools?

Just a wire with a loop at the end for glue and some long tweezers.

I got it finished now I just need to get a cork and make a turkhead knot for the neck.

A small table :D. JK its the cradle.






Now adding the ship.


Trying to position it.


Glued in place.


Rigging glued and trimmed. note small brown smudge on jib :omg:  that was a drop of wood stain that got on the model when I was staining the cradle oops :(. I will just say that it is a pacth were a cannon ball hit it :pirate41:.


Next to the mini Byzantium.


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I started on the turk's head knot for the neck of the bottle and was wondering if I should just go with the two strand (image 1) turk's head? or should I make it a three strand turk's head? or should I just wrap the remaining rope around the neck (image 2) to push the turk's head to the top of the neck?



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Found your bottled ships today. Nicely done!


I look forward to more of your builds.


I know what you mean about getting hooked on the unique challenges presented by bottling a ship model and the sense of accomplishment when those challenges are overcome.


What I like best is the inevitable question, "How did you get it in there?"

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