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Lighthouse - Nirvana - Metal Earth

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Well, it's not a ship model kit, so admin and moderator feel free to move this build log.

I don't know how many of you have heard of Metal Earth, this is a company located in Seattle, WA that came up with the idea to make PE kits.


This light house build will only contain pictures no explanations.
Only two tools were used, a fine plier and a cutter.
No glue, and no soldering.
Build time about an 1 hour. 






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2 hours ago, Egilman said:

I still have it, unbuilt, it intimidates me too much.....

I also have their China Clipper seaplane kit and like EG just look at the box now and then and feel intimidated. I have seen a few of them built online but I don't know if any of them look a good as your build Per. Congratulations

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Good light and magnifying glasses of some kind in necessity!

I truly enjoyed the fast paced kit. And encourage everyone to build one, I had a Mustang going until one of my cats pawed it down on the floor and stepped on by a dog. Obviously I wasn't supposed build the Mustang


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2 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

ohhhh........a ticket waiting to happen :ph34r:  are you talking about the plane?

Ha, good point!  I was watching an episode of Jay Leno's Garage last night and they had a segment on the Shelby Mustangs.  Forgot about the P-51 :) 

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