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A heads up worth exactly what you paid for it!  I have no connection with the company whatsoever.


Woodcraft is advertising ebony for sale, and on sale www.woodcraft.com


I am aware of all sorts of toxicity problems associated with ebony and have no interest in using it myself, but if this is of interest, check it out.



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I agree with Roger, saw dust from ebony is not good for your health, and toxicity varies with the type of ebony.   Breathing  sawdust from any wood species is not a good thing, but ebony is one of the worst to be breathing.   In addition to the toxicity, it is miserable to work with for model shipbuilding.  It cannot be bent without a lot of difficulty even with steam, water, heat, etc.




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It is difficult to work with, requiring a lot of work to bend it, and it is toxic but it looks soooo good. I use it for wales. It also is good anchors, stoves and accent pieces such as window frames. If you need to bend it, work in stages, soaking, heat bending then soaking and heating again until you get the curve you need. I leave all wood natural color without painting so I am always looking to add in different types and colors of wood to give contrast.

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