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Ulises Victoria

Royal Louis 1780 by Ulises Victoria - Mamoli - Scale 1/90 - French Vessel- 126 cannons- Started in April 10 2014

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Update and fixing of an error in kit design.


I found out a mistake in the kit.

As you can see here, some deadeyes are placed exactly in front of some cannons.

The arrows mark openings where the cannons could be placed to clear the deadeyes.



Moving the chainwale 17mm to the left made the cannons clear the openings but that would unbalance the whole thing.



So after seeking some advise in other thread, I was suggested to re-do the chainwales.

So I started by sanding off and replace the planking.



Then on to the drawing board to see where the deadeyes wiould have to fit in order to clear the cannons and keep the exact number of them. There were some 5mm and some 4mm deadeyes



Here I am checking the new arrangement against the actual placement on the ship. Everything looks good so far.



Making a board and starboard copy 






Unfortunately one of the futtock strops broke when ungluing it from the old chainwale, and to my dismay, there was none to spare in the kit. So I was lucky to find some replacements at Age of Sails. While they arrive, I'm going to stop work on the chainwales and start work on the yardarms.



Thanks for visiting!!!



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Update as of Jan 11 2019 and a couple of funny events.


I had to re-do the spacing in the main mast channels also, as it was just like the ones in the fore: some cannons were placed exactly behind of a deadeye.

Here I am marking the wood with a pattern I made upon the plans.



Checking the correct alignment



OK. I'm happy now!



Making a mirror piece for the other side.



This is the main lower yard in process. You can appreciate its size! It is the largest yard in the ship.



Tapering in my lathe the mizzen stay yard (I think that's what it's called)



I had to drill a 3mm hole in this part to replace with a dowel a broken pin in the end of the piece; as expected (I'm a firm believer in Murphy's Law) the part cup-like shape exploded!



so an emergency repair had to be done



Here is the end result, anyway.



The other end



Here is the funny part. Plans showed a 9mm dowel to make this part. It felt strange that the tapering had to be down to 3mm at the ends.

So after I finished the yard, and was celebrating that finally all the yard arms were done, I went to check the plans again. And I realized that this...



... was not a 9, but a 6... (Are you done laughing now?) So I had two options: make all the yard again, or back to the lathe to thin it to the proper size. I opted for the second and everything is correct now. :)


Here is a general view of all the yard arms in its place on the plans. They will be painted black.




Now another funny bit.

Some days ago I went to review all the printed material I have of my ship. Plans, drawings, instructions, etc. And saw that one sheet with pages 5 and 6 was missing. This was a critical paper for the rigging stage. I went through all my papers, drawers and boxes and couldn't find the sheet. I started thinking about asking members who had those plans and to send me a copy of that sheet, I searched the Internet, etc... then I went out of my shop for a coffee and when returning....

.... this is a photo of my shop... can you guess where that sheet of paper was???



Ok ok... It happens...!!!


Bye all. Thanks for watching.


Happy New Year!







Edited by Ulises Victoria

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I've had a similar experience with a "missing" plan sheet. After searching everywhere I could conceivably image it could be it turned out that it was on the reverse side of the plan sheet tacked to my board. 🙄  


The yards on her are indeed huge! My RL will be the third model that will be of that size. The admiral keeps joking that soon I will have enough of these ships in cases that they could be stacked up to make one of the missing walls in the basement. She may be joking but, I have sketched out a few ways to incorporate the cases into the wall design so they would be visible from both sides. She may end up regretting making that joke. :)     

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Great progress UV and love the 'life's little adventures' along the way :)  I cannot recount the number of time I went looking for things only to find them in the most obvious place :( 





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Small update Jan 16 2019


Working on the Spars.


Here they are, painted in black and displayed over their respective place on the drawing.

Detailing will follow. Hope its seen in the photos.



Here I add the loop wires where the stirrups will run through.



A very light touch of aluminum color applied with dry brush, to make look those part "metallic"



And some "rust"





Finally a light dry brush with a lighter color to make them look more "woody"




Not sure if these effects are captured by the camera, but anyway, the thing with "weathering" is that it should be very subtle.



I am very happy because finally I sat down at my computer and organized all of my build's photos. I have 853 photos which were scattered through 2 computers. Now they are properly organized.


Bye, best regards and thanks for coming!!!





Edited by Ulises Victoria

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Short update, but a big advancement...


I finally finished work on all the yardarms.


Here they are displayed over the drawings in their respective places, with all the blocks, rings and ropes called for in the plans/drawings.






I always try to avoid making knots, but if I must, I try at least to make them as aesthetically looking as possible. :)




I will start working on the chainwales, now that my replacement pieces have arrived!!!


Thanks for visiting, mates.


Edited by Ulises Victoria

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Very  nice work on your spars - I don't remember if you mentioned if you will also add sails and running rigging on this one?





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Hello Michael. Thanks for your question.


Many years ago I purchased a set of sails for the RL. I remember it was the last one they had.


The kit comes with instructions to build with no sails, so I would have to go somewhere else to get running rigging instructions.

(Now that you mention it... it's about time to start rummaging through my rigging books :) )


Here they are deployed over the drawings.


They ended up being too thick, however, they are very well made and too expensive not to use them. 😮


So I am planning to put them in furled/semi-furled position.


I always like to put sails on my ships.





Edited by Ulises Victoria

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