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Constitution by Geoff Matson - Model Shipways 2040 - 1/76 scale

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My name is Geoff and I have been building the MS Constitution. I basically followed Bob Hunts practicum. I am now ready to begin the masting and rigging part. I am very impressed with the other Constitution build logs and look forward to see them all develope Here are a few pictures of my progress so far. Thanks Geoff









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Hey Jay good to hear from you


Right now I am working on the masts. I am adding a little detail to them like the pike racks, some sheves etc. I will post some photos soon. I think I am dragging my feet a little trying to avoid getting to the rigging to soon :D I will be posting some more pictures soon.

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I am working on the lower masts and followed all the dimensions off the plans. The dowels supplied with the kit were not up to parr so I made my own out of square basswood stock. The square stock was chucked into my drill press and turned down to size. To simulate the iron bands and chaffing area I used styrene. I used CA to glue the styrene to the wood. The lower masts were then test on the ship and the caps dry fitted in place The lower mast will be painted white.





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Geoff, nice work as always. As you show in your pictures, it is amazing what can be done with strips of white styrene strips for the bow, and in this case for the masts. You showed some, Bob R. has more on his build-log, and I have used it also. I like it.


Of course we know where the idea (at least for us) came from and I wonder if it might be of general interest here.
Have a go at it, please.



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These are the parts for the thumb cleats with sheave blocks and installed






Here are the top mast netting and I used a bridal product called tulle to simulate the netting. I got it at a local craft store






Yea! I finally figured out to add text to my pictures :dancetl6: I promise my future posts will be better.

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I plan to build the Conny in the next year or so and I am getting very envious of the skills I see displayed on all the build logs on this web site. I'll be following your log among the others I've chosen to teach me how it's done. Beautiful work!

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I got all the masts painted and ready to go


The fore mast and parts




THe main mast and parts




The mizzen mast and parts




I took all the measurements off the plans and added all the parts shown.

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Ok! I finally figured out the bowsprit. :dancetl6:


Only in ship modeling would you take a wood dowel and keep the top level the entire length. Then on the aft end make a slight taper on it. Then form a tennon on a angle cut while keeping the bottom level in the middle. Then on the bow end make a slight taper the goes from round to square and form a tennon on the end for the bow cap at an angle! :o


But I did it and here it is:








Glad this part is done.





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