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Endeavour by maggsl_01 - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:54

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Cheerio my friends and fellow modelers :D


To my shame I must admit that I am a complete failure...


After completing the Royal Caroline I wanted to take a break for about two months. Time to relax, to clean up the shipyard, to go to cinema or something like this. And then, after this over and over boring time I wanted to return to my desk and start a new project - the Endeavour by Occre.


But I did some essential mistakes... First: I opend the box of the kit (which I bought some weeks ago as there was a special offer at my dealer); second: I opend the box; third: I opend the box. In the box there was so much material which I only wanted to control... If everything is ok, no damage etc. And there were the plans... I HAD to compare the drawings with the AOTS Endeavour as all of you will understand. I HAD to see how well-designed the kit is, how much of the Details will be featured and so on...


Now I know that the kit seems to be well equipped with all needed timber, fittings, sails. And it came as it has to come... I just started to look at the parts for the keel, I just looked if the bulkheads are well laser-cut. In a very curios manner the parts came out of the plywood Sheets almost from alone... Should I let them be alone there on the desk? Wasn't it my duty to help them into a correct shape? To look if they fit together?


I think you know the rest... :D :D :D



Nevertheless I will know start the Endeavour although the Admiral was talking about craziness and all that nonsense :)


The first impression of the kit after a Close-up:


The plans seem to be very good. The rigging plans are full detailled, there is an overview from the top and from the side, there are detail-plans for the masts and yards with obviousley accurate drawings. The plans are very close to the AOTS by Mr Marquardt so that I think there will not be a great need for bashing.  Perhaps I will get some other timber for the second planking. The provided lime wood is very cute for the decks and after sealing it with some semigloss varnish it shimmers very warm and smooth. According to the plans the hull should be colored in some kind of yellow which I will surely not do. I think about some oak tree or even teak (perhaps just staining the lime in a somehow teak color).


I am not sure if I use the provided yarn, I will do a test before the rigging starts. The yarn seems to be some kind of raw material... The plywood is very thin only 4 mm, should be thicker (at least 5 or 6mm) but I can't change. To gain more stability to the frame I used some wooden blocks to fasten the bulkheads on the keel, I also broaded the stands for the masts. They are originally glued only onto the 4mm keel. I think this is not stable enough.


I noticed that the parts are cut extreme accurate. There is almost no need to sand anything (yet) - but we will see. I will use the sails with this model - my first time. I am not sure how this will work... but I think there will be the one or the other to help me :)


Well, that's it for the moment. The next weeks and months will be fulfilled with the Endeavour and - also very important to me - with the history of this ship, his Captain and dicoverer James Cook, with the journeys around the world and all the adventures and enormous knowledge that was collected in that time.



See the first pics :)










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Hello my friends...


it's time for an update. They were some really busy days in the office so I had almost no time and even no motivation to go on with my Endeavour. Only some small jobs like planking the deck etc. It goes on as I thought it would be: very exact precut parts, very good materials and a almost perfect booklet of photographic instructions. Would it be bad to say... too perfect?


I took my AOTS by Mr Marquardt and compared the plans to the books descriptions again and again. So I decided to leave the instructions a little bit and to come closer to the book with the planking of the forecastle. I am not 100 % satisfied with the results so far but it is better than just the straight-on planks. Still I am learning and I think that every single effort to improve my knowledge is a good step to become a real modeller...


Please enjoy the pics and you are welcome to comment...


















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Hi Max,It's great to see another Occre Endeavour build,you're going great so far.Pretty hard not to open the box, you need to check all the parts are there ha,ha.The best advice I can give you on the kit is go by the measurements and placement of parts by the plans or the colour instruction book,not both.The photos in the colour instruction book must be a prototype model.The written instructions sizes are wrong sometimes as well so try part lengths against your ship.Capt Slog has an Endeavour build close to the Occre one,lots of other excellent Endeavour builds here as well.Good luck any questions just ask.  

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Hi all


time for a little update. I finished the bulwarks so far, second planking with red ochre-painted strips. The great hatch is done, also the deck planking. As Ron said it is better to measure the correct size on the model and not on the plans. Everything works good so far. I noticed that some planks are not provided with the kit, the 2x8 mm planks are missing. I will buy some as I will have some chain plates and deadeyes from the aftersales market. I dont think that the idea to bind some brass wire has anything to do with the original... I will also buy some turned brass gun barrels and swivel guns. The parts in the kit look some kind of ... ehem... plastic... :(...


Enjoy the pics and... as always... comments are very welcome















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Hello everyone out there...


It's time for another update.

First let me tell you theat I have changed the row a little bit. According to the instructions I should now sand the Frames and prepare the hull for becoming planked. I will do so soon - but going through the instruction booklet I stopped by ath the construction of the stern. As I had no motivation to sand I started to prepare the stern section. So I tried to fit the windows into the stern - and finally decided NOT to use the photoetched parts. They DO NOT look good, even not when they are painted.


I started to make my own windows from some plywood. I cut the frames with a knife using the PE parts as a pattern. It worked out quite good as you can see  at the pics. It is a good Feeling to see that improvements to the instruction not only work but also give a really good result :D I am sure you all know what I mean...


Still some work has to be done - like filling some gaps. But I will do this after staining the frames. The window bars are not cut yet - I will use 1/1mm nut, and I will construct the covers for the windows used for the Endeavour - as Mr Marquardt says in the AOTS.



Enjoy what you see... and as always: Comments are welcome



Cheerio my friends













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Look great Max. How did you do your treenails?

Hi Mark, I just used a common pencil with very sharp tip - and I did not push too strong. So a light little dot is left. I like it although it is not as perfect as other modellers do it... Still learning :D





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Looking great so far max. With the windows are you making covers for all of them or leaving he centre window without? The centre window is a dummy as the rudder post comes up here. Parkinson's sketch of endeavour shows all windows though without the cover for the middle one. On the replica we omitted glass and frame completely as it was a false window.



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Looking great so far max. With the windows are you making covers for all of them or leaving he centre window without? The centre window is a dummy as the rudder post comes up here. Parkinson's sketch of endeavour shows all windows though without the cover for the middle one. On the replica we omitted glass and frame completely as it was a false window.



I will only cover the four real Windows according to Parkinson - which sketch is printed in the AOTS. Thinking about the middle "window" too - it is a good idea to omit the "false" window Frame...I will test it





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Hello all...
I am still working on the stern.  I made all windows by myself, stained the wood and fixed the frames. I decided to paint the "glass" in a light grey. Now the next "problem" came out: Should I use the decorations between the windows from photo-etched parts? It the same as with the windows... it looks not so "real". So I carved some deco from limewood.


Now I need your help: Pls tell me what looks better? I will stain the decos in a kind of medium oak, probably I will paint the decos in a soft Gold... I have not decided this yet. Using the carved decos will lead to another problem. I should also try to carve the upper decorations  which I show in the pics.  I just laid down the photoetched part to show the difference... But I am not sure that I am ready to carve this kind of deco... At least I will combine the brass and the wood...


The covers are ready but will not be built-in closed but opened.


So please tell me your opinion about the decos and the way I should go best...


Thx all :D












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Hello again ;)


just one pic and a short update: I tried some variations for selfmade decorations and at least found a solution that I like. It is my first attempt in carving so pls dont be too critical with the result :D :D


Above the transom you can see the four covers for the windows. I will keep them opened as it is to see on the sketch by Parkinson. The decorations are designed very free and represent an own interpretation. I tried to get them more detailled and according to the decorations shown at the Australian replica... well, I failed terribly... But at the end for me my solution looks better than the photoetched part in the kit.


I have to touch up some small things with Color, then I will glue the decorations on to the transom. I will not paint the decos but keep them in this natural wooden look.



I will go to Norway for a week now and have a trip on the Hurtigruten ship up to Kirkenes. During this trip I will at least visit the North Cape - the northernmost visitable point of the European continent. I will be back after Easter. Wish you all the very best...








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Carvings, windows and covers look great Max!


To me, the extra height of your carvings vs the photo etched parts makes the stern look much better. I just hope my first try at carving goes half as well!


Enjoy your vacation!





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Hello my friends


its been a Long Long time since my last update. I am doing the first planking of my Endeavour at the Moment. I think you all know what this means... most of the time sanding... and sanding and sanding :)


The kit is good, the instructions are even better - so nothing is wrong with the result.It is fun to do this Occre kit. I have almost finished the portside.


Enjoy what you see :D :D :D














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Hi my friends


it is time for a little update now. I had some busy days in the office and not so much time to build. And on the other side I did the first planking. You all know that this is not so exciting. I admit that the work on the Occre kit gets very very good. The first planking is very exact to do and not one problem was to solve. The bow filler from balsawood is good to work on, the filler parts for the stern are from plywood and also good to handle.


I used a grater (thats what Google said) to rasp down the filler parts. After this I sanded the wood smooth. Next will be to fill the few gaps and get the surface perfect for the second planking. The problem with the second planking is that it is just a very thin plank, about 0.5 mm, just like veneer. So it is absolute necessary to have a fully accurate surface on the hull. You cannot compensate any fault after. I am thinking about to cut the holes off for the ports before the second planbking. I do not want to glue the port onto the planking... I want to fit them in without any sticking out.


If anyone is doing that kit or wants to: Be cautious with the rudder. It will be best to prepare anything before planking as it is a little fiddly to fit in the parts.


All in all: I work on the Endeavour by Occre for about ten week now - and I am quite good on my way. It is really a fun to build this model as far as I have done yet. But of course it is not as challenging as a Corel or Mantua or at least Euro Model - kit will be. I look forward  for the next steps to do.


Some pics will show the Progress - and as always: Comments are very welcome :)
















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Hi all


thx for your words :)


@Ed - sorry Ed, I havent been to Como yet, so I could not visit Euro-Model. But this will follow (I hope soon, but who knows what may come - one of my Dogs is serious sick... we will see how it goes on with him who is a real friend :))


@Dimitris - you are welcome, have a Retsina and a Ouzo :) :) and be my guest whenever you have time to stop over

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