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Latest issue of the Nautical Research Journal - Check out what's inside!!

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Nautical Research Guild Spring Issue is completed.

Become a member and get it delivered to your front door every 3 months.




Here are some highlights including the table of contents.


Modeling a Third-Century A.D. Roman Merchantman by Charles Cozewith


Introducing a Novice to the History of the Ship: Six Books Revisited That Guided My Study by Phillip Roach


EZ Line for Rigging Small-Scale Models by Mark N. Lardas 


The First Western Warship in the Hawaiian Islands Navy of Kamehameha the Great: Yet Another Fair American! by Clayton A. Feldman


Liverpool-Class Lifeboat, A RNLI 1945 lifeboat at 1:18 scale: A Call for Updating the Dockyard-Style of Modeling by Hubert Mallet


Jon Michel: A Gentleman’s Tugboat by John De Broske


An English Bomb Vessel, circa 1690 by Gary Krempien


COLUMNS SHOP NOTES Using a Lathe to Make Ship’s Masts and Yards by Andy Blokmanis


MODELERS’ REVIEWS Combrig’s 1/700 Scale Battleship HMS Victoria, 1890 by Mark Myers



Click here to read one of the articles....

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I usually leave the commentary on the Journal articles to others, but I have gone beyond my inspection of the proof copy of this issue.  I have been reading a couple of the articles off my computer screen because I couldn't wait for the printed copy.  This is unusual activity for me - I hate reading off the screen  (but not so much since I got the big 27" screen). 


I think the cover photo is fabulous as are the photos that accompany the article.  I think a lot of members will be very interested in the author's thoughts on the subject of updating dockyard-style modeling.


We should go to press Monday.



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For those of you who have never seen a complete issue of the Journal.....and if you are considering joining as a full member of the NRG;


Click Here to go to the page that talks about the Journal.  You will get four issues per year with your full membership.   At the bottom of the page I have provided a link so that you can download an entire issue to check it out.


See what you are missing!!!

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I am checking again with our mail service as it seems that several members in Australia have not received their issues yet.  When I spoke to them on Tuesday they said that the Australia issues are supposed to be delivered within 30 days of leaving NY.  They were shipped on 3-16 from NY so they should be delivered by now.  We are also tracking some missing issues for N. Ireland and several in the UK.


I would ask that any overseas members to send an email to info@thenauticalresearchguild.org to let us know the date when you receive/received this issue of the Journal.  Due to a mix up in Cuba, NY all but 3 or 4 non US members were mailed 2 issues of this Journal.  Please let us know if you get one or two copies also.  If you do not get a reply to your email to info@thenauticalresearchguild.org let Mary or me know with a PM here on MSW.  Several members seem to have a problem with receiving emails from the info@.... email, but get emails sent from Mary's personal email - please check your SPAM filter before sending a PM.


We are working to find out what has happened and we will make sure everybody gets their Journal.

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