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  2. you would be doing what this gent did. CDW may not be too far out of the ball park
  3. SMALL INJURY????? Your hand looks more wrapped up than my shattered ankle after the doctor did a 2 and a half hour surgery on it! Just what did you do? I am beginning to think we are going into some kind of injury season or something. Like Flu season except without the constant reminders to get your shot!
  4. Speaking of which, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my middle finger for always sticking up for me when I need it!
  5. hefty prices for those kits.........I do like the decal assortment though
  6. The wreck is said to have been well preserved. And is approximately 25 meters long and 7 meters wide Some pictures of the cargo. Text is in Dutch. https://www.rtvnoord.nl/nieuws/206844/Spectaculaire-ontdekking-bij-berging-containers-MSC-Zoe
  7. thanks Ken.......there are two chains. I am acquiring quite an array of plastic chains........I don't use them.....simply terrible 👎 the coupler that connects the tender to the loco, isn't till the final assembly, so I have time to fab out some eye bolts and hooks. add a few more parts to the tender now that the decals are in place, and I can get heavy with the loco.......I've been assembling the valves and stuff. some of these parts are a two piece deal, and trimming the flash lines around them is scarring them badly. they are gold chrome parts I may have to drop them in the dip and paint them. would the cab be done in flat paint? the reason I ask, is that I am out of flat red. I do have gloss........I was going to run out and get some {Lou didn't send me any } thinking back in these times, I wouldn't think gloss paint was invented yet.
  8. druxey, Greg and Mark, thank you so much for your kind comments. Even more importantly, thank you for your continued support and advice as I undertook this challenging new task. You and many other members of Model Ship World helped me through some very complex processes. I am not entirely sure that I would have persevered if I had not obtained such good advice at difficult moments. And it is very satisfying to obtain new skills, perhaps one of the biggest driving forces for me in building this ship model. I am sorry I failed at creating the King's cyphers, but Chuck saved the day for me with his excellent laser cut examples, made to measure. I am looking forward to working in wood again, but remind myself that my skills at the start of learning miniature woodworking were as non-existent as my skills at the start of learning to cast metal. One just has to jump in, expect mistakes and mis-steps, get good advice from all of you, be willing to throw away poor efforts, and just keep on going. As Gaetan said when I initially feared cutting deck mortises by hand, do something enough times and you will get very good at it. Having said this, I doubt I will be casting 74 cannon again in my lifetime! Mark
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  10. ya had to love all those 'no step' decals to put on...........I had a ton of them on my F 15 Eagle. I'm not too much with jets, although there are quite a few kits out there. very nice progress....she's look'in super
  11. Hi John. I'm going to try the rope and rings, since that's what I see in any photos I have.
  12. Frank, Figured out how many teeth on the lead bar? Are you going with ring mesh bag or rope and rings, would think this would be the most difficult part of dredge build. Good Luck John
  13. Thanks Tom and Gary. The dredges are proving to be an interesting project by themselves.
  14. Dave, CA is better than sutures, it completely closes the wound and prevents infection from all the nasties running around (if it was clean to begin with). A long time ago we carried it on our rescue vehicle for our volunteer fire department saved a lot of trips to a clinic. But remember "fool me once shame on you-fool me twice shame on me" lets not cut any more fingers.
  15. Hello Heinrich, I own an airbrush - new in box, single action - but not a compressor. Using an airbrush would certainly have simplified the application of the raw sienna base color, acrylic. By brush, I had to lay down 5 thin coats to get the color saturation I was after, without muddying up the details. Perhaps I will use that airbrush when it comes time to basecoat the upper bulwarks. Air compressors come in much smaller sizes today, than they used to. The trouble has been these artist acrylics; they must be thinned, but then they require a lot of coats. They also seem kind of fragile, until they’ve had a good long time to fully dry and harden. Purpose-made model acrylics, which I also am using, are not as finicky; 1-2 coats, straight out of the bottle, and you are done. The painting of the wales is coming along nicely. It has had the odd, and unexpected effect of somewhat muting the appearance of the VDB distress coat. Before I began blacking in the port side wales, the distressing from port to starboard seemed a near match. Now the port side seems significantly lighter. I will have to wait until after blacking in the starboard wales to make any adjustments. I will probably tone the blacking down with a dullcoat wash, but that will also wait until painting is near complete.
  16. Solvaset is now available from Walthers under their brand name
  17. Thanks Jack. I'll order some of those and give them a try.
  18. Until reading this explanation, I had no idea my early (decades ago) career in land and construction surveying had so much in common with ship modeling terminology. Almost everything you said here about ship modeling/terminology mirror the principles, practice, and terminology of land surveying. 🙂
  19. Thanks Michael, The maps are really easy to do. 1 Download the images and save to a folder 2 Select what you want to print 3 Choose format 4 print I use the printer at work (don't tell my boss ) Go pro single frame ?? No no, a cheap Huawei smart phone
  20. Thanks. I found them. Next step is to download and print.😁
  21. You are correct . Try Microscale Gloss and Microscale Flat. They work well with the Sol/Set Microscale products. Before decaling I spray the entire model with Testors Dullcote to seal the paint, then apply Microscale Gloss over the area where the decal is applied, let dry thoroughly, then apply decal.
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