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  1. State bird? That's the Canadian air force you're talking about
  2. See your model "In water"

    Interesting plugin. I wonder if it would work in GIMP?
  3. Good day all Love the site and the new layout, but I recently found an issue with the page header. It seems to be on all pages, whether the home page or in one of the threads. It seems that the   was taken out of the title line between "Guilds" and "Model". I usually use the site on my Galaxy S6 using Chrome, but noticed it on the Android browser as well. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this or if it's just me. If it's me, ill deal with the error and carry on. Thanks for looking into this.
  4. Word Recognition game

  5. Great topic Erik. I know from following some of @IgorSky builds, he uses common wooden matches to show scale for his SIBs. Just how much detail he really does
  6. CT if you're in North America, they can be had at Lee Valley. I think they may be under their Veritas brand. You could also check your local Amazon.
  7. Dremel drill press

    Great idea for someone with a small workshop and a Dremel.
  8. 11pm GMT is about 7pm EST (US) So that could account for the server load. After everyone is finished their dinner and getting into their evening routine. Don't quote me on this. One of the mods or Admins would be better able to answer.
  9. Black Sails series 3. How many episodes?

    Gah. Spoilers. I haven't finished season 2 yet
  10. Black Sails series 3. How many episodes?

    There should be one more episode on season 3 according to IMDB. Then it's on to season 4...the interminable wait begins
  11. Hello Elijah, I haven't read the article mentioned, but was wondering if acrylic silicone was mentioned? Something like what is used in aquariums to seal the corners. Might be an option worth looking into.
  12. Masts and spars off-site ?

    Hi Marc I've seen a couple logs where the builder has done the spars off the masts (not sure which ones, but I think BE did in his Pegasus log). I think you might find the spats will get in the way when you start on the lower shrouds and all the stays. Could be interesting to see in action though. Others are probably more knowledgeable on this subject than I, so feel free to correct if I'm wrong.
  13. Word Recognition game

  14. Word Recognition game

  15. Word Recognition game