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  1. Great idea for someone with a small workshop and a Dremel.
  2. 11pm GMT is about 7pm EST (US) So that could account for the server load. After everyone is finished their dinner and getting into their evening routine. Don't quote me on this. One of the mods or Admins would be better able to answer.
  3. Gah. Spoilers. I haven't finished season 2 yet
  4. There should be one more episode on season 3 according to IMDB. Then it's on to season 4...the interminable wait begins
  5. Hello Elijah, I haven't read the article mentioned, but was wondering if acrylic silicone was mentioned? Something like what is used in aquariums to seal the corners. Might be an option worth looking into.
  6. Hi Marc I've seen a couple logs where the builder has done the spars off the masts (not sure which ones, but I think BE did in his Pegasus log). I think you might find the spats will get in the way when you start on the lower shrouds and all the stays. Could be interesting to see in action though. Others are probably more knowledgeable on this subject than I, so feel free to correct if I'm wrong.
  7. Exam
  8. School
  9. Record
  10. Thanks again for all the help. After getting home last night, I was able to view this log. I guess my location in the world was causing issues but have no idea why.
  11. Hi Rob, Check out Chuck's pinned topic about Activity Streams. This should explain how to do what you want Edit:Typo fixed
  12. Just tried. Still getting the "Site can't be reached" error. I'll try again in a few days from a computer. It might just be my phone, but every other thread is fine. Thanks James
  13. I have been trying for a few days to read Mahuna's new build: But all I get odd the following image: Don't know if this is because I'm on my phone (Galaxy S6 using latest Chrome update) or if others are having the same issue? This seems to be the only thread I can't read. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  14. One other jig you could try is a feather board. Similar idea to what you have there, but it has tiny fingers along the blade side to keep the work piece against the fence the whole cut. There are many applications where these are used, but mainly on table saws and router tables. They also help keep your fingers away from the pointy end of the tool. They can be purchased or made from any scrap you have laying around
  15. Hi Ted. As you're in Winnipeg, have you checked out Eliminator R/C on Higgins? They sell all kinds of hobby supplies, including static, despite what the name suggests. They also have a website that you can purchase from: Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this company and have only checked out their website a handful of times. They seem to have quite a comprehensive list of products available.