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  1. how do I get my hands on one. beautiful craftsmanship
  2. box chisels

    Brilliant! You have inspired me to make my own set of micro chisels. I have seen some of the models created in Russia and have been absolutely blown away. You are truly a great craftsman. Thank you for sharing.
  3. box chisels

    who is the manufacturer of those chisels? If they are homemade what was your process for making the blade. Its really some beautiful craftsmanship going on with your set.
  4. Help identifying this wood

    So far figured pau marfim seems to be the closest match. Satinwood looks to have some distinct open grain, so their goes my $$$$$$. This wood is almost like glass. I really appreciate you guys for looking.
  5. Help identifying this wood

    The three yellow figured pieces of wood on the left. I placed A piece of yellow heart next to them on the right to maybe help? The figured wood has a very tight grain, almost no visible pores, where the yellow heart has easily noticed open pores. The mystery wood is also noticeably heavier/denser. I would love any help that could be provided.
  6. Best woods for decking

    silver maple (soft maple) has a grey/tan color and is tight, is softer than rock maple, and very abundant in the western US.
  7. Zheng He Treasure Ship Kit

    I like that "ZHL's axis of evil." Has a nice ring to it
  8. Composite Wood/Lumber - moved by moderator

    Do you mean Trex ? The composites they use on decks ?
  9. uss constitution which one - moved by moderator

    You can't go wrong with model shipways. Althoght not the scale or year you mentioned. With a little research and skill you can convert the transom and other items to match your desired year/build. MS has outstanding customer service and good plans. I hope hope Eric is paying attention and i get a discount out of this :-). Seriously great kit !
  10. I with jan, the mahogany in my kit had a red to purple hue, where as the apple wood was a closed grain chochlate brown wood
  11. I swear by these to apply my CA. I dont attach them to the bottle instad I put some CA on wax paper syphon a little up and apply to my work. If its wood it will draw it out of the tip, other materials I blow gently into the opposite end. My wife says I look like a crack head doing this but it works great and I dont get CA everwhere just where its needed.
  12. Mamoli's Blue Shadow

    Anyone have any ides as to what this kit could be bashed into ?
  13. Review - AL Constellation

    Great review! I wish more kits were reviewed for a newb like me. When I look for a kit a huge factor is the accuracy. I almost got this kit but opted for the MS constitution
  14. Kit Subscription?

    Just took a look at that site and the kits are twice what the would be normally. No thanks