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  1. how do I get my hands on one. beautiful craftsmanship
  2. They sell a sheet of colonial flags. I received the same sheet with the Constitution, Sultana, and Rattlesnake. I am assuming the flag(s) contained with the Syren kit is the same. If not, I would e mail them and I bet you they would sell you the flag individually.
  3. Thanks for all the likes ! The rest of the wing transom was installed along with what I'm going to call frames # 29. I just free cut these but the footing match perfect at 27 degrees as opposed to the 28 degree footing frames # 28 have. Let me know if anyone sees any problems.
  4. I installed the wing transom using a pair of home made 90 degree jigs I made is plexi glass.
  5. So it's been over a year since I have posted anything to my triton build. It looks as though all of the pic's are gone
  6. I too received an order confirmation for an item I ordered in Jan of 15. I came here first and what do ya you know, here is a post about it. Another reason why I love this site!
  7. Brilliant! You have inspired me to make my own set of micro chisels. I have seen some of the models created in Russia and have been absolutely blown away. You are truly a great craftsman. Thank you for sharing.
  8. who is the manufacturer of those chisels? If they are homemade what was your process for making the blade. Its really some beautiful craftsmanship going on with your set.
  9. So far figured pau marfim seems to be the closest match. Satinwood looks to have some distinct open grain, so their goes my $$$$$$. This wood is almost like glass. I really appreciate you guys for looking.
  10. The three yellow figured pieces of wood on the left. I placed A piece of yellow heart next to them on the right to maybe help? The figured wood has a very tight grain, almost no visible pores, where the yellow heart has easily noticed open pores. The mystery wood is also noticeably heavier/denser. I would love any help that could be provided.
  11. silver maple (soft maple) has a grey/tan color and is tight, is softer than rock maple, and very abundant in the western US.
  12. I have made at least three purchases through Nature Coast and have never had an issue?
  13. Used Proxxon table saw with three blades. Low use, has original box and all attachments. runs great ! $85 plus shipping. PM for questions or more pictures. Will not ship internationally sorry. And if anyone was wondering why Im selling it...... well look at what my wife got me for my birthday :