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  1. Well! What to say? I spend one evening going over what Doris does with card and I'm amazed, then today I stumble onto this thread and am wondering what the limits are to the talents of the members of this forum. Denis your work is absolutely amazing, those pictures of the cannons and the surface textures of the wood and metal not only of small parts but whole scenes. Druxey said it "There is no hope for you Denis" Looking at your renderings makes me want to build them.... but I know that I do not have enough time in my life knowing how I switch from one thing to another. But I am going to have to get the books now so that I can read about how to build one, then get the pictures of your work as well so that I can dream about building one of these beautiful ships. And yes when you have finished this one perhaps a small yacht like Brittania Michael
  2. Home Made Mini Mill

    Hi Keith Aluminium is spelled Aluminum in the tables here. Very nice work on the quill mountings. Michael
  3. 75236DBD-9B61-40DF-AE44-D619ECCCFD65.jpeg

    Another Gem Patrick! congratulations. Michael
  4. Home Made Mini Mill

    Nice! Michael
  5. Home Made Mini Mill

    Wonderful use of broken parts on the mill. Love the tripod parts for the third hand. I sent my one similar to that to my Son in Whitehorse. Michael
  6. Home Made Sanding Blocks

    Nice solutions Art, when using papers that are not self adhesive, I find that double sided carpet tape works well. Michael
  7. Home Made Mini Mill

    Ok so you have got my attention! Very nice Keith, I like the way you have been approaching this build, makes me want to dash out to the shop and start fiddling. Trouble is the bow needs re stringing. I like the old cross slide screw for the vertical travel and the re purposed kitchen door handles guess you will be able to get cooking with this mill once it is done. I couldn't resist. Will you be adding some rubber or leather wipers to keep the linear bearings clean of dust and swarf? It might be a good thing to add. I have not had much experience with them the only type I had used did not have their own built in. Looking forward to the next installment. Michael
  8. Well said, my wife is a librarian and we have had many discussions about this very topic. I also read a lot of books from the library and now that I can walk to the local one it is even better, then a short walk to the coffee shop......there goes an afternoon. Michael
  9. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Knot having made ratlines for a model looking at the jig leads me to my first question which relates to the sequence of placing the shrouds on the mast. I am given to understand that these are placed over the mast working alternately from port to starboard (maybe the other way round) which this jig doesn't seem to account for, unless I am not understanding something. Michael
  10. Gary your workshop looks very interesting and I am curious about the gold colored machine in this image Michael
  11. Wefalck, Wow! excellent work, it is great to see how ideas evolve and are transferred. I was just asking Johann about the screws with the hole for a bar or pin and see that you have one as well at the base. I really like the copy of the wood clamp to a steel version. Could you share the source of the small chucks, they look like they would be worth having a set? Michael
  12. pencil drill

    One thing I noticed with the second one, is it has a small vibration in the shaft. so it will be used for polishing brass with the small wire wheels and mops. Michael
  13. pencil drill

    Mike an interesting point. I remember that Gerald Wingrove built himself a small micro drill years ago using a model train DC motor and if my memory serves me correctly it was pretty short as well. At the low cost of these on sale, as an experiment I might just chop it up and use a short flex power connection between the head and the battery part of the body. It might be more trouble than it's worth, but on the other hand it might just be the ticket. Michael
  14. Stevenson's ER32 Collet Blocks

    A collet block is on my Christmas list. Michael
  15. pencil drill

    I saw an ad in the Canadian Tire Christmas flier today they have them on sale for $12:49 so tomorrow I am going to pick up a couple more. Michael

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