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  1. Nearly finished the lifeboat. Bit of tidying up to do. And a grating and a few cleats to go.
  2. Thanks Pierre and SC. Oars made from one piece. Sanded, filed and then bent a little at the ends.
  3. Making slow progress on the lifeboat. Here is an update.
  4. Finished planking the lifeboat. Quite fiddly. Used a little filler to smooth things off. But pleased how its turned out. Its a small boat to plank!
  5. Also. Here is another photo of the fore top with iron sling and toprope attached. Paintwork needs tidying.
  6. Hi Pavol. Here you go. Tim
  7. Hi Pavol. Will do. At work at present. Will send piccies tonight. Tim
  8. Aviaamator, I too am praying for your recovery, and thinking of you and your children. I love your beautiful Model. You are a wonderful craftsman. Tim
  9. HOF. Love to see the cats. We had two growing up, Archie and Mehitabel. But send them to me via a message rather than posting on the build log. Thanks! Tim
  10. Thanks HOF for your kind words. BTW is that an Abyssinian cat in your photo? Tim
  11. Merci Jean-Pierre. Vous etes tres gentil. Tim
  12. Steve. Amazing build. Especially since this was your first and only took 11 months. Wow! Liked so much of it, but partic your sails seemed to be very fine and neat. Wonderful work. And very quick! Tim
  13. Thanks Steve. I appreciate your encouragement. Tim
  14. Finally I have bought a little lifeboat kit online (don't worry - its not from one of the banned manufacturers - I checked) and I am in the midst of putting it together. Its probably a couple of decades too old in it's design. But I found it hard to find a good quality little kit of the right size. This was as close as I could find. About $18 AUD. I like it. Not finished yet, but making progress. Its about 80mm long, so the planking is quite tricky. I have been using the steamer on my coffee machine and a bit of CA (no pins) and a few miniature clothes pegs to bend the planks - and it seems to go pretty well.
  15. Next I have created an iron sling for the lower yard on the foremast. Davis says this is likely to have been used rather than a rope sling after about 1820 (in his Ship Model Builders Assistant). Its just a bit of blackened brass wire, and a chain, and a home made hook.