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  1. victory2

    Beautifull piece of art!
  2. Thank you Vince, Max, Dan Vad, for reply, i will use these good ideas in the future. I just got big ship building board to keep the ship in place and used metal frames from sides to keep it still. This will work for now.
  3. Mamoli wood chart

    thank you, i will use that!
  4. Mamoli wood chart

    Hello, i was searching for mamoli ship kit wood test chart to recognize wood in the kit. I sow it in some kits, might someone can make photo of it? thank you in advance! I
  5. Thank you for the answers Mark and Jim.I want to place long ship in the holder, i know it is very important step of the ship building. I just made some holder, but it is hard to think where to place bolts to hold the ship and later remove them easy, with no harm to the ship frame. Here it is what i have made already. Any ideas are welcome. thank you!
  6. Hello, i was searching info on ship holder while glue all bulks and start the kit. I have seen some people use some wood and place bulks in there to keep it stiil and then glue. Is this the best thing to use? I have seen some rotating holders, are they necessary? Please tell your opinion.
  7. Thank you, might you know shop in europe to get it? I found it is only USA ebay. thank you!
  8. Hello, i was searching nice oil to finish ship planking and upper deck, I did find some people use Citadel paintings, some oils. I do not know much about oils. Would like to ask, how to get light ship effect? This is few photos i find to look light.