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  1. New member from France.

    Welcome To MSW Nik0
  2. Thanks Chuck i some how overlooked that forum after your post I went in and looked around . I saw the offer for the HMS Triton plans so I purchased them. Once I finish my longboat I will prepare for the journey
  3. Yea I thought the same thing , being new to the hobby i wasn't sure how that worked but my gut said something was crooked thanks I won't purchase from them
  4. Ok so I was cruising the web and came across this site does anybody know anything about them? I don't want to support pirated drawings and these seem cheap.
  5. Also if you do a search for mamoli blue shadow in MSW it will pull up a post you might want to check that out as well .before you dive in.
  6. Maybe try to email Mamoli and see if you can get/purchase plans from them.Cant hurt to try
  7. New member intro

    Welcome to MSW
  8. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Welcome to MSW Peter I am new to this forum as well, and have used many parts of it to get help on many different subjects from tools to wood ,and the knowledge you get from the members and there posts are overwhelming I can read them for hours until my brain can't hold any more lol Have fun can't wait to see your Syren get started in a log Derek
  9. Welcome to MSW , there is so much info and knowledge here at MSW , I'm sure you will find all the help you need here to point you in the right direction. Best of luck Derek
  10. Ahoy!

    Welcome to MSW , There are many forums and members here with tons of great info and experience. I am new to this hobbie as well , and love being a member of MSW its helped me alot. Derek
  11. 17th Century Longboat

    Thanks Patrick and Estoy for the kind words im getting ready to do this boat again , but going to try to scratch build it using all teak wood