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  1. Joseph, your keel is wrong. Alert/Rattlesnake didn't have a straight keel. It was curved. This are showing the original drawing and also Goodwin
  2. I own the complete set. I think that Volume 4 is less interesting for ship modelers and more for historians
  3. Kenny, congratulations for finishing such a beautyful section model. It made me a lot of fun to follow your build log in the past month. Will you know start the full hull build? And it made me again very sad and angry that it was necessary for the Board Admirality to stop this beautyful community project.
  4. Perhaps you can delete the cache of your browser. I had the same issue on another forum after an update. Deleting the cache helps me
  5. Not only the build log, also the model is coming along great. Nice progress
  6. What a lot of stuff to read this morning Very nicely done and described.
  7. The only "advice" I like give to everyone, who needs a practicum for his project, is to stop for a while a rethink your project. Why do I need the practicum?. What are the things I am missing? Do I have enough knowledge for my project? If you can answer the last question with YES, start a build log here on MSW. I am really sure that you will get the answers to your other questions from the members here. If you have to answer the last question with NO or I don't know, don't buy a practicum. Stop the project until you can answer the question with YES. Perhaps it will be then a very good idea if you participate on a group build here on MSW or search a detailed build log for a smaller project and start with this project. Chuck for example has written some very detailed logs which willl help you a lot.
  8. It's looking really good. Will you go the way with doubble and single frames, if we discussed at January?
  9. This are very good news. Scale Hardware was much cheaper than Kupfer in Germany
  10. Looks good. The redesign of the gun port sills is not necessary. The joints are very stable. If you want to make the joints stronger, you can use some tree nails