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  1. Perhaps you can delete the cache of your browser. I had the same issue on another forum after an update. Deleting the cache helps me
  2. Hello Dirk, what I have to read ... another guy who makes his way from the foredeck to the quarterdeck. congratulations for your promotion. I wish you a lot of fun with your new job.
  3. I fully agree with Dirk. The new kit of Daniel is great. I received my parcel also this week. The resin fittings are absolut great. After painting, nobody will see the material.
  4. I agree with, Daniel. For a ship of the later 18th century, Druxey is right. For a dutch ship of the 17th century option d is also possible.
  5. Such figures in 54mm which is a classic scale for figures would be nice
  6. Heller HMS Victory 1:100 scale instructions

    Send Dafi (he is a member of this forum) a PM. Perhaps he can help you
  7. I build a puzzle of this painting with 3000 parts in my youth and had it for many years in my room. Thanks for remembering me to that with your big puuzle
  8. How much are you willing to pay

    I am a little bit surprised. 1000$ for the Amati Pegasus. In Europe the kit costs around 400,- € which are aroud the same in $. Perhaps it is possible to order the kit by a European seller? I don't know what tax you have to pay later.
  9. Downeast Wherry 7

    Absolut beautyful model. I like it
  10. Model Ship World is 10yrs old!

    Happy birthday MSW
  11. Buying an Expensive Kit and throwing most of it away

    I think Chuck's idea to sell parts for a ahip model as he does with his cutter Cheerful is an excellent idea. You can buy the drawings and perhaps the bulkheads, choose the timber for the planking job and buy then the smaller parts if you like. I hope that other manufacturers will copy his idea (if he don't has the Copyright for this ) There are a lot of talent modelers who don't have an own workroom or the money to buy the machines. For these kits especially on Chucks way are the only possibility to take up the hobby.
  12. Shipyard H.M.S. Wolf, 1754 - 1:72 Scale Laser Cut Kit

    Perhaps it's interesting for you. Here's the link to the company which produces these cardbord and some nice paper kits: http://www.model-shipyard.com/html/indexuk.html
  13. side view

    Really nice pictures of your finished model