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  1. Thanks Caroline 🙂 long time no see. Everything allright with you? I build something else for a while before i go back to the shrouds and ratlines Also thanks for the likes! Sjors
  2. That looks really great Mark! I'am a long way from there 🙃 Sjors
  3. Done something more...... It looks dusty and it is dusty. When everything is on it I will re-paint everything again. I believe it's more painting then building! But ok, it will do. I have make the rubbing strikes.....towing support en an other few things that you don't see....... Sjors
  4. And that’s another beauty Bob! Again an great job. I will be waiting for the next one. Sjors
  5. Thank you all. I place the truster housing..... That thing that goes around the propellors 🙂 The propellors are dry fit so when I have placed the rudders ,maybe I can start with the paint job....or not. We will see! Sjors
  6. Thanks Piet and OC. Also thanks for the likes. The trusters don’t want to do it the easy way so i’m busy to make them in one line. One of the propellors is touching the case...... Then a question. The propellors,what kind of colour do i give them. Gold? Copper? Black? Maybe Andy (realworkingsailor) knows it? Sjors
  7. After almost 2 weeks of sanding, filling, primer, sanding, filling, primer ,sanding, filling and primer I think I have to quit sanding otherwise there will be no more wood left to sand............. There are a few little imperfections but that's for later when I will put hee real paint on it. I think it's gonna be 3 layers so.... But there are a lot of things to do before I can paint her. Time enough to do. And of course the pictures..... Sjors
  8. And then finished..... Great job Kevin! Sjors
  9. Congrats whit the finish. Great job what you have done! ”de stille genieter” 😆👍
  10. Hoi Anna, You can use a sandingmachine called mouse. They have it also by the Gamma. It’s quick and easy... Sjors
  11. The bow section is also done. The blocks are glues and shaped. Now a little stern and primer time. But that will be for next week I think. Picture time. Sjors
  12. Hi John, I don't know if I'm crickey....😶 And it looks if I have done a lot but don't forget that I had 3 big sheets of wood what covers the hull. So there was not a lot of planking to do anymore....just enough ! Maybe strange question but what do you mean by bee's knees? Never hear of it . Maybe you can use the Dutch langue to translate ??? 😛 Sjors
  13. Thanks Kevin and Marcus. @Kevin, I do my best to let it look great when she is finished! 🙂 @Marcus! I have to do the same thing at the bow. So another sanding project. Sjors
  14. Anja was asking where the pictures are..... I think I gonna be old 😂 So here are the pictures. On the first you see the bulb in shape at one side. The other one has to be done of course. Then the planking and filling. Now it is time for primer.....sanding...filling.....primer etc etc. Sjors
  15. Hello to you all and thank for all the likes. @Jan, I think you are right that it was better to planck the whole hull. I did not and there where some strange shapes now. But with a lot of sanding and filling it should be all right. @Denis, Of course i fair the frames. The hull is closed so sanding and filling will do the trick...... @Jason, Welcome and for you also all the best for 2019 also from Anja. It's totally different for what i have done but maybe it’s good for me. Maybe i can found my mojo back. @John, It looks if it goes fast but there is a lot to do. When i have to paint the hull ,i will try to airbrush it...... That will take some time. And then the rest of course. I think i will be busy for a year or something like that. @ Gren, Your friend build a great hull! I can only wish that mine come close to that. You can take a look at 2 other,Dutch ,forum. Modelbrouwers.nl and modelbouwers.nl By the search functions just type the name. If you have to wait for me it can take a while. Sjors The hull is closed and it is now sanding and filling time.

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