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  1. Just now finding your building log for the Agamemnon. Since I hope be building this ship soon, your log is extremely interesting. Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures and are a craftsman and a gentleman!


    1. Sjors


      Thank you Donn,


      When you started your Aggy, make a build log and when there are quistions, just ask!



  2. Thank you...... Sjors
  3. Augies Confederacy looks great. A wonderful tribute to his work and friendship. Ā Thank you SeanĀ for your permission to let Sjors useĀ theĀ photo.

  4. I had the same experience as Robin. I will never spend a dime at the Kombuis anymore. After a few months and a lot of exuses and turning words I received things I didn't need. I will pay a little more and get my stuff in the UK.. Sjors
  5. Welcome home Chris I have clear a shelf for the Victory but when I see the weight, I think I have to make space on the floor !!!!!!! Poor delivery guy when he brings it. Or do you bring it your self ? Anja show me some pictures of you and I think that the package for you is as light as a feather ! I'm also in training but the only thing that happened to me is that I become bigger at the front Back to daily business please...... The Prince also looks wonderful ! I kick out the neighbours because we need there house also Have a nice work day and let it be Christmas !!!!!!!! Sjors
  6. We have send Amati an E mail to ask about Chris but still no respons. Sjors