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  1. DBorgens


    Scratch build of Skippercraft 17' runabout built in the late 1950's
  2. DBorgens

    Skippercraft 17" runabout 1960

    Scratch build of Skippercraft 17' runabout built in the late 1950's
  3. I have totally failed to keep this log up with my build. My apologies. This boat was a gift to my father which I delivered this summer. He loves it (yeah). So rather than make many posts here, I will put pictures in the completed gallery. If anyone wants more detail on any aspects, please ask here. Thanks
  4. Just read through your log. Glad I found it. Beautiful work and I admire your work to tailor this model for the PNW. She is a small yet powerfull witness to her time.
  5. I love your water treatment, especially the boat wake. Very nice! Please keep posting, I enjoy watching your progress with something more than a boat or ship.
  6. Tecko, I’m also glad to see you’re back. The dock is beautiful, and makes a nice addition to the scene. Praying you will continue to heal.
  7. I enjoyed viewing your Lego models, well done. Craftsmanship isn’t limited by medium. I’ve found MSW to be a warm and encouraging community so, please do share your models.
  8. Patrick, Beautiful selection for your current adventure. Suitably ambitious. Now, if you could parlay your designs into an invitation to survey firsthand (and wouldn’t that be fun) . . . just a thought.
  9. Steve, Beautiful work! Very clean and the paint just shines. I just pulled up a seat, as I will use your build as a guide. Mine is currently on hold but I plan to get back this summer.
  10. Patrick, Beautiful work! I stand amazed at your fine detail skills. Now a passenger liner would certainly be an undertaking and we would love to watch if you decide to take that on. Enjoy the shakedown cruise. 😉
  11. Catching up. I have finished the anti-fouling paint (actually just red, satin spray paint). Yesterday I set the waterline. I prefer the laser level method as I find it easier to see the line on curved surfaces. It worked out well on my Bluenose. You can just see the laser along the hull. I used tape pointers to identify the line and set the masking tape. In the second picture, two pointers identify where the waterline intersects the strakelet edges. I sprayed the first coat of black this morning so I am updating this log while it dries. What else would I do in a chilly, rainy Monday?

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