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  1. Sweet! So when is the launch and maiden voyage? Dave B
  2. DBorgens

    New the forum

    Jeff, Welcome to MSW! The best way to get help is to start a build log of your Lively. There are many accomplished modelers here who are happy to answer questions and make suggestions. You may also search for current or completed logs of Lively. This was a tremendous help to me with Bluenose (my first build). Enjoy. Dave B
  3. Patrick, Catching up. You continue to amaze us with your skill at a scale we mortals can hardly imagine. Do please show the electronics, servos and motor you intend to install (this is an RC build isn’t it?). Inquiring minds want to know. HA! Excellent work. Dave B
  4. DBorgens

    THE CHIEF pen

    Beautiful! Dave B
  5. Jason, beautiful work! Your log also makes for further guidance of how to think through the build. Dave B
  6. The false frames may not hold as the soaked planks dry. You may consider some scrap supports that span to the inboard edges of the planks and clamp to these. Each would obviously custom cut. Just a suggestion. Your planking and nibbling looks good. I sanded the deck by hand and the a marks tended to disappear (tried to keep them as small as possible, keeping the glue to the lower edge. I expect your deck will cleanup well.
  7. Dave, Looks nice, the sanding filler does cover many sins. I too had to soak some of the planks. This helps relieve the stress on the hull and avoid sprung planks (nobody wants that surprise!). Have a very Merry Christmas as well.
  8. DBorgens

    USS Tennessee

    Keith, your recovery is making for a very nice rebuild. I especially like your main deck, the dark color is beautiful. Your Tennessee belongs here as much as any scratch ship model. Keep up the good work and I pray you continue to recover (and build).
  9. Hi Per, I am catching up as I haven’t been on MSW for a while. Bluenose is looking good! I used the blackened kit pins since this was my first large kit. I think the wood ones look best though they appear a bit short. Difficult to get the correct proportion in small wood parts. Have a very Merry Christmas.
  10. DBorgens

    Season's Greetings 2018

    And a Very Merry Christmas to you both as well.
  11. I found Bob Hunt’s practicum very helpful, especially about thinking ahead. When you start gluing the bulkheads, be sure to keep them square (I clamped Lego blocks to the bulkdead and the false keel). I also reinforced the bulkheads with diagonal braces made from scrap basswood. This makes a good, solid frame for planking. You can see then in a picture in my log. Keep making progress.
  12. Dave, You are making good progress. I did not have much trouble with the bulkheads. I recommend you clean the laser char from the edges that will be glued to the keel. I sanded them lightly and made sure to make the edges square. Laser cutting creates a sloght v-groove in the wood. This will make for stronger joints. BTW look through this forum for Bluenose builds, you will,find many tips and see how builders worked through some of the common pitfalls with this kit. I recommend Bob Hermann’s log, he helped me quite a bit.
  13. DBorgens


    Scratch build of Skippercraft 17' runabout built in the late 1950's
  14. DBorgens

    Skippercraft 17" runabout 1960

    Scratch build of Skippercraft 17' runabout built in the late 1950's

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