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Cruizer-class Brig-Sloops of the Royal Navy

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In the piece that Chuck posted, The Brig of War Plate does show a narrow strake that is at roughly the midlevel of the gun ports.  However, it is not on the model.  I have seen this same narrow strake on other British 6th rate vessels like the Coventry Class of 28 gun frigates.


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If you look at the plans for the Larne of 1814 or the Levant of 1713 the arrangement of the planks is very close to that on the Cruizer models. They are of course larger 20 gun, ship rigged sloops. I certainly am not saying they are in anyway connected just visually similar and serve to illustrate what the Cruizer plans would look like if they matched the models



HMS Cruizer class 1810 web-1

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