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  1. Kurt, Thank you! Why didnt I think about Elements?😡 For some reason I just assumed it was a monthly rental like the full PS software. gonna go check it out right now. That is what I get for assuming..... Sam
  2. Rowboat, I just recently found your build and the time to post, nice progress! May I offer a suggestion if its not too late? Redo your stem so the grain the length of the stem rather than parallel to the water line. I am concerned you will forever be breaking and repairing it as you build. Looking forward to your progress. Sam
  3. Ron, Always a pleaseure dropping in on your build. Good to see you back and your usual outstanding workmanship. Sam
  4. Well now, I guess this is what I get for not being around much, I have missed another cool build!! Crew and interior look great Lou. Sam
  5. Well done Mark. Thanks for the build an the stories. Sam
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive photo editing software for MAC? I recently upgraded to 10.15 and lost my access to Photoshop CS4. I know I can pay the subscription and get PS on the cloud, but the thought of adding a monthly bill just rubs me the wrong way. I would gladly pay the full price of PS if I could have the disk and choose when I want to upgrade and pay the price. All I really need in a photo editor at home anymore is color correction/white balance correction, cropping and resizing to a specific file size for posting purposes. If there is more to be done I have the full adobe suite available to me at work. Going to work to do basic editing for posting is really not going to work. So, thoughts anyone? Thanks Sam
  7. Thanks all, and to all who hit the like button too. Continuous baby steps it seems like. One day.....One day she will be finished. I am to ornery to quit!! Carl, fortunately only one was left in the solution so there was only one to remake. No more progress other than a couple of blocks stropped. Got a call from Better Half this morning, her car wouldn't start. Its been pretty cold the last couple of mornings and her commute is only mile or two now that she is taking the train to work - a tank of gas lasts her all month. I dont think she is driving it enough to fully charge the battery during the week. It was at 12.15v when I got home, once I jumped started it it was showing 14.2 at idle so I am assuming the alternator is ok. It was 12.5 with the motor off after driving it for a couple of miles. We will see what it does after sitting on the charger overnight. The battery is less than 2 years old. Good times! LOL Sam
  8. Well now, 4 weeks turned into more like 10 or 12. We delivered the project to the buyer and finished up some details on site. The last week was intense; start at 5 am work through to 8:30 PM to get out of the building we were in before a nightly fire works show. The entrance to the building is 75 feet from the main launch tubes so the building gets closed off for two hours. one night we decided to just work through as we had a final acceptance test the next morning. Holy Smokes, when those first rounds went off I about jumped out of my skin! We finished up took a couple of weeks off for the holidays then went back to it. Been driving down to a project location again 5 days a week. Start at 5am leave at 1:30pm. Its amazing what a difference a few hours makes; I can make it to the site in 30 minutes but it takes an hour and a half to get home sometimes. OK, enough rambling about non build related details. Last weekend I made my boom irons and blackened them. Apparently I left one in the solution and wandered off to do other things. When I went to clean them up and get some wax on them I could only find 3. HHmmmmmmm. Where on earth did it go, I know I made 4. Looks in the jar of blackening solution. Whats that line of black fuzziness? I bet thats my other iron, lets get the tweezers and dig it out. Hmm, cant grab it, whats up?? The wire I made the standoffs with had completely dissolved into powder, all that is left is a lump of brass ring that was the hoop. Ok, time to make another one, it just came out of the solution a few minutes ago. Three irons and a lump (sounds like a song), still need some clean up: Current state of my Fore Top Yard. Not much different than a few(?) weeks ago. Got the bands on and primed as well as moved the 4 stops to a more accurate position, apparently I had them too far out. Looking at the pictures I posted back in November I have shaped the Fore T'Gallent yard, now, where is THAT disappeared to?? Perhaps its time to clean the work bench? Nah, I would rather blame the dog..... Sam
  9. LOL Mark. I use the dog as my excuse for build mistakes as well as other more "aromatic" occurrences. Sam
  10. Mark, Nice progress and good to hear your sinuses are clearing up. HHHmmmm.... Any possibility this was a coincident? They "Just Happened" to have a light flash on just in time to land at a nudist camp??? I mean, a crew of lonely young testosterone laden men in or just out of there teens flying over a nudist camp? Seems like a fairly creative way to spend an hour or two. 😁😁 I was at work the other day and the subject of the blimp hangers came up - one of the guys parents live over that way. He mentioned they are so large they have their own weather system inside them??? Seems unlikely to me, do you know of or recall anything like that? It gets cold and misty in Orange County where these hangers are, perhaps its condensation forming on the steel and dripping he is referring to? Sam
  11. Mark, good to see you getting some build time in until the weather decides to cooperate. That balsa dust can be unpleasant to be sure. The one that REALLY gets me going is Baltic Birch. Ken, back on the 16th you wondered if the old hangers are still there in Santa Anna. They are, it is hard to see them from I5 (the closest freeway) but sometimes if you look just right you can catch a gimps of them. I recall my brother has a photo of his 28 model A pickup with one of the hangers in the background from a car club trip. Monsters thos building are. Carry on Mark, airbrush or hand brush, looking forward to the results. Sam
  12. Mark, Dust can be a real bear once you are sensitized to it. Baltic Birch really gets to me, I have to leave my respirator on for several minutes and run the dust collection at work a few extra minutes or I end up sneezing repeatedly. Would something like this, but an a smaller scale help? Should be pretty easy to build one, just a simple box and some sort of grating on the top over the filters. Sam
  13. Hi Jo!! Getting caught up here. You have come a long way since I last stopped by. It looks like you solved your weak spot issue. Thinned epoxy or thin CA can solve many issues. Luies idea of gluing a couple of battens on with pva would have given you some additional insurance until you were ready to add in your additional structure. Either way great job. Sam
  14. Getting a chance to catch up here Jo. What can I say that the others have not? Well done my friend. Sam
  15. Rich, been away for a while, you are making excellent progress. If you hadnt told us I wouldnt know your hands are not 100%. Sam
  16. Finally getting a chance to catch up Mark. Looks great so far. Any progress since your last post? Sam
  17. That looks really good. How on earth did you manage to cut your window lites out without turning your mullions into little tiny fragments???? Sam
  18. Thanks Dennis. Nothing much going on here at the moment. She is sitting quietly on my work table collecting dust. 4 more weeks, 4 more weeks. LOL Sam
  19. Looks good to my eyes Mark. At least you found out now and not later about the bulkheads. Sam
  20. Jo Mark and those who hit the Like button, Thank you. Baby Steps....Baby Steps... Sam
  21. Jo, you're not dumb at all. Heck, I just figured out the difference between a yard and a yard arm!! The Yard is the whole thing, the Yard Arm is the part that extends past the cleats! (I think...)!! All along I thought they were the same. Its a learning curve and you learn by doing and asking questions. You are doing fine, relax and enjoy the ride. Sam
  22. Well done, Jo. They matte looks much better to my eye. Sam

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