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  1. Getting caught up here Jo, Your planking looks quiet good. Give yourself an Atta-Girl! Sam
  2. Great work as always, where do you get your cup burs? I am so stealing that!! Sam
  3. Holy Cr@p, RIch! Sre you going to be ok?? Three weeks in burn unit sounds rather serious, what on earth happened?? nYou say the can blew up, was there a pilot light nearby? that happened to a guy I used to work with years ago, he was cleaning contact cement off of a counter he just installed and he didnt shut off the waterheater pilot, burned himself and the customeres kitchen. Hope your going to be ok and will be back at your build soon. Sam
  4. All righty then Carl, you showed us the carrot, where is the build?? Or did Gregs talk about Bears and Roos and Sharks give you the nighttime willies? Sam
  5. They live in the cities ...???  They are called politicians and bureaucrats in the Northern Hemisphere Carl. Sam
  6. Not a problem vossie. As far as entertaining your new supervisor, perhaps she will need an assistant? One advantage to my Enterprise taking so long, mine is old enough the rigging doesnt much interest mine. Sam
  7. Its like the Swiss and Fondue, everybody has their favorite recipe. Yours looks good. I dont think it would work at the scales we work in here, but I have watched our scenic painters muddle, spatter, or drip their "mud", "grease" or whatever and then spray it with a Hudson Sprayer and water. Quite effective for some things. Again though at our scales I don't see that working well. Sam
  8. Hey Dennis, Yea that was the last thing I did before going on vacation. They will still rub the jaws a little, I can live with it. Before I went away I started cutting blanks for my yard arms, nothing to show at the moment, hoping to get some bench time in tomorrow. Thank to everyone who hit the like button. Sam
  9. Mighty fine work Carl, mighty fine. thats not a list, she is rolling in heavy seas. Sam
  10. That looks good Dennis. Too bad about the interior, still looks good. What are you using for soot? Sam
  11. Dennis, Sorry if I was unclear about the paint can clamp method. I type at about 1/4 the speed I think so sometimes I end up leaving complete thoughts out of a comment. But that is exactly what I was referring to. What resolution do you need to print a decal at? I was under the impression an inkjet printer was 300 dpi regardless of what the "specs" say. Sam
  12. Since Carl is in a Notoriously Known Alcoholic Stupor at the moment, I will translate ROFLMAO for you. Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off. Sam
  13. Well thats an ooops, not like I havent made plenty of my own. At least the windlass will cover it. No one would know if ou hadnt said anything. Your lighting doesnt look bad, remember you can take a piece of white notebook or printer paper and use it to reflect some light into the shadows. The other parts look good to my eye. Sam
  14. Wo! WO! WO!! Wait a minute!!! I didnt drink THAT much on our cruise. We did pre-pay for the drinks before we left so had to make sure it was worth it. Jo, I must have missed it when you mentioned you cleaned all the glue up. Carl has me so afraid of showing a mistake that I have to re-do everything before I take a picture. And besides, the more redos the lower the cost of build per hour. What color do you plan on staining? at one point you mentioned something about green paint and stain below?? Sam
  15. Vossie, Catching up here. Looking real good as we have come to expect. I second Dave's suggestion of epoxy. I used 30 minute on mine rather than the more common 5 minute, its stronger although you have the added chore of how to clamp it properly. I made round headed nails and the combination seems to have worked well. My bigger challenge was when the started growing fuzz on them. I believe from the baking soda/water i dumped them in to neutralize the blackening solution. Congratulations on you new dockyard supervisor, mine has finally given up on trying to school me in ship tasks. She used to remove any parts not up to her expectation and carry them into the kitchen where the became House Hocky pucks. Sam
  16. What is this?!?!?! I go away for a few days and come back to a GIRL planking like a Pro! 😀 Well done Jo, I had a big smile when I saw how far you progressed in a short time. If you are going to stain, you will want to make sure you get all the glue cleaned off your planks, ideally with a damp cloth before it dries. Sanding it off later can lead to interestingly unanticipated results. And what pray tell my tea drinking friend, caused you to stagger down the walkway of your neighbor?? You havent been sneaking a thimble full of wine behind our backs have you? Sam
  17. Welcome back Carl, good to see you getting some build time in. Well done. And dont let that Jo character push you around, she is all bite and no bark. 😂 Sam
  18. Mark, You and Pierre should both be pleased although that dime look big enough to sink her. Sam
  19. Woe, I get in on the ground floor! Choice of seats even. Not sure what to do with myself. Looking goo, nice start. The red through the rims is a noce touch. Sam
  20. Looking good Dennis. Since you are not a fan of sleep I know who to call next time we pull an all nighter at work, I'll be sending the Uber by around August!! Sam
  21. Well Done Dennis! I see you are a fan of the Paint Can Clamp also. At work we keep various 1, 2, and 5 gallon cans filled with left over sand from the sand blaster as well as left over cement. Works great for some things. Regarding your decal color, do you have a photo editing software that works in layers like Photoshop? It should be fairly easy to separate that blue onto its own layer and either match it or remove it completely. Sam
  22. I cant hit a "Like" on that one Chuck. That kind of behavior just burns me up. The least they could do is contact you and offer up a hundred bucks, its not like they cant afford it. Not to mention the morality of it. I dont buy much from Micro Mark, but i am not sure I will buy anything from them anymore. Sam
  23. HAHA The story of my life Vossie. As far as the focus, I just pushed the phone up until I had more or less the composition I wanted. Since the focal plane was not parallel to the subject and I was really close the narrow depth of focus threw out the closest and farthest area of the picture. Had I been using an SLR and macro lens I would have also had a tripod or at least a mono pod attached and could have stopped down for better depth of field. When I took the overall shot of the masts I was further away so had a greater depth of field. Mark, spreading/shifting the stay will tighten them up a bit. I can rotate the preventer stay easily, the top stay will take a bit more work. it will foul the lanyards of the T'Gallant Stay. That lanyard will need to be re-done if I go that rout. Not a difficult process. I will have to strop a hook on to one end instead of the eye that I am currently stropped to. I doubt I can get in there and do a decent job of tying off to the eyelet at this point. Thanks to everybody who stopped by and hit the like button, always appreciated. Sam

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