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  1. Had little to do yesterday, so picked up with this build. Placed all of the shrouds. Painted the bottom ones. After that i placed the upper masts with the shrouds. Next step will be the ratlines.
  2. Finaly some progress made. The anchors are placed, the rudders on the sloops are placed. Also the davits are removed, because they were added to the ship somewhere around 1822. My first ever attempt to do some rigging, so please go easy on me... I try to make it as realistic as I,m able to on this scale.
  3. Looks great! Such a beatiful ship. 🤩 Makes me want to start on my Revell Batavia. But I have to finish the Victory first, or else I have to many projects in progress.🤔
  4. I will follow your build. Good luck on it, especialy with the limited materials you have!
  5. Read and going to watch all you have managed thusfar! Great work and your weathering is a source of inspiration for me. I'm modelling for some years now, but never had the courage. Working on the Revell Victory I.m starting with tiny steps.
  6. Nice detailing! I hope to see some more progress on this beautiful ship! Like they say in dutch: Tot binnenkort!!!
  7. I found some ships on https://creativepark.canon/ and many other card models for free. Some are very basic, but ther are some worth a build I think like the Cutty Sark
  8. Thanks to you all for a warm welcome!
  9. This is how I left her a few weeks ago. Have to do loads of work on stern of the ship. I also have to repaint some parts of the shield (if that's the correct name). On the macroshot I see some unpainted areas.
  10. Here some photo's of my progress thusfar. I started this kit due to the book Batavia by Peter Fitzsimons. My wife had started it, but has stopped the project. She was not patient enough to continue. All the flash on this kit and the fit of the parts discouraged her. So after reding the book I had the urge to build a sailing ship. The only choise I had was this one. So I disassembled all my wife had assembled and started the kit all over. I have made some progress after the steps you see on the photo's, but haven't made pictures of it yet. This is my first ship build, but I
  11. Hello everyone. My name is Daniël age 43 from the Netherlands. I'm used to build WWII airplanes, but a long time ago my wife purchased the 1/225 Revell H.M.S. Victory. She started the kit, but due to it's age (1959) it wasn't falling together by it self. So she quit. A year ago i was reading the book Batavia by Peter Fitzsimons during my vacation. Somehow since that book I wanted to build a ship. So when we came home I pulled the Victory from the stash and started to disassemble everything my wife assembled. I'm building it in it's "new" colours. Like the original has got now.
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