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  1. Wonderful work. What wood compared to the French vessels!
  2. Hi, The wood having arrived (finally ..), I built the axial frame. It remains to make the rabbet then I continue the timbers. See you soon, 😃
  3. Hi, Start of model construction. Varangues and knees of 22 central couples. Waiting for wood for the axial frame. See you soon
  4. You understand why I'm giving it up ...
  5. Hi, Thank you for your welcome. My choice fell on the Ambitieux. The plans of the S.P. are full of errors which oblige to redraw a good part of it. The plans by Jean Boudriot are more respectful of the construction techniques of the time, hence my choice. Mic
  6. Good morning all, I am a French model maker passionate about the old navy. The works of Jean Boudriot are my references (and my dreams ...). I hesitate for the moment on the choice of a model to realize, so much I like the two, the Ambitieux or the Saint Philippe. The choice should be made quickly because, by thinking too much, we waste time and enthusiasm ... See you soon on this rich forum. Mic
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