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  1. I am so sorry Nenad. Our hearts go out to you.
  2. Hi Nenad All you detailing is looking terrific! The sharp and fragile piece I think is called the whisker and is hinged on the real CS as you can just see at the top of the photo to keep it out of the way when necessary Hope this helps!
  3. That looks just wonderful Michael. Those big end shells are unbelievable! Will The valve stems be lubricated or will splashing get to them? Matt
  4. I bet that crank would work even with the little grooves but I know the "out of sight out of mind" line would never wash with your brand of perfectionism! Fantastic and inspirational work Michael and it amused me to think of that sort of language from a gent like you! Incidentally I was just thinking about the dim distant past when I had model aero engines. They always needed lots of mass in the prop to keep the revs at a sensible speed. I'm no engineer but suspect you will need as much crank weight as you can get. Would it be worth thinking about full circle crank webs as you are re maki
  5. I'm speechless. This is amazing! It looks like half of the engine of my 1929 Austin Seven!
  6. Maybe it is a spigot for the flagstaff as it is midships of the stern? Matt
  7. Hi Nenad I visited the Cutty sark this morning and took some photos of the coppering which has dulled down in the last couple of months
  8. Hi Nenad I visited the Cutty sark last weekend and as a reasonably regular visitor I noticed that in the last month or two the Muntz metal used on the hull has lost most of its shine! I did not have a camera with me but it clearly is losing a lot of its "bling" (which is a good thing)! I shall post some pictures in the near future Matt
  9. That's brilliant Michael. To see her on the shore looks so authentic. The primer and paint patches only adds to that! Almost a shame to paint her!
  10. Nenad. I live very close to the Cutty Sark and visit most weeks as I have membership and free entry. Let me know if you need any pictures of details!
  11. Wow. Some tough decision there Mark. Lots of respect for your commitment to getting it right!
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