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Cutter Cheerful - 1/4" scale by Losto Doneddu

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I preferred to use a construction technique different from that indicated in the instructions.
Typically use this technique for years for the hulls filled.
The technique is to glue the frames and then fill balsa spaces then fill with synthetic filler to have a uniform surface.
in this way laying the boards is very easy, it does not require nailing.
For gluing use then a cyanoacrylate glue






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At this point I'm starting to think the window and definitive basis.


I am undecided whether to create a leg with strips square as models of arsenal, or set it on twooo turned columns with screw pin concealed in a more classical.
Could someone give me suggerimentio designs or realizations of stairs?
or on how to make the columns on the wheel?
so big I never made more than anything I want to find some nice drawings.

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Riveting bridge
I tried different techniques to see which one was better.
I made several holes with tips 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 mm
I inserted the tip of a graphite pencil in the hole and then I put a bit of glue.
then sanded after this is the effect obtained.
The system toothpicks is great but very long and I did not want to use it.



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Test of of burnishing

I had never used this type of burnishing.

From the evidence I've seen that's not good to leave the piece immersed until the burnishing, but it is best to immerse and then take it off after 20-30 seconds, then go left to air and then rub with a woolen cloth.
after the operation must be repeated 8/9 times to get a good coating.

I had a kind of burnishing that works in one dive, it was given many years ago now is ending and I lost the recipe ....



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Construction of the base

I wanted to make the base to be set out in the window, in order to have the ship on a slipway site.
I wanted to get an antique effect as some models in museums.

I used a wooden base that I covered, cherry wood, with the grain in the central part oriented to the long side, and on the edges perpendicular.
I added a decoration between the two frames


I put the tape to leave free areas for bonding.
The finishing was done with shellac






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