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Rouse Simmons- by JesseLee - Bottle - Finished

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This is a ship in a glass Christmas bulb ornament. I started it last year & had so many problems. The glass bulbs are many so thin they kept breaking on me. I went through 6 bulbs & two years before it worked out. It is already complete. This is being posted after it was done because I didn't know if it would ever work out or not.


The glass bulbs & the drawings...







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The hull is somewhere around 2 1/8 " (5 1/2 cm) long without the bowsprit, 9/16 " (14mm) wide & 4/16" (6 mm) thick.


Now on the 3rd globe after the 1st two broke.


I asked Daniel last year for some advice on how to make a raised sea surface without adding so much weight. He referred me to another SIB builders trick of painting the open space below the sea surface & making a thin disk that would be the sea surface & sit higher in the glass globe. I measured the size I would need by inserting a round paper cut out & trimming it until it fit. Made the wood sea base out of tongue depressor sticks with paper glued on as hinges so it will fold up to fit in the neck & unfold out flat when inside. More pics of the process to follow....



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Re-did bottom label disc. the 1st one was too oval so I made another one round like it should be. I also added a wood tab on it so I could hold it with locking tweezers making it easier to install & glue in place. Glued it to the bottom.










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I did some experimenting with this build. Some didn't work out. Wanted to keep things as light as possible. Tried making the sea out of silicone. It shaped great & looked very much like a slightly choppy sea surface. Painted it & it looked very well. It could roll up to be put in the ornament & open back up flat inside for putting down. The problem is nothing will stick to dried silicone. the paint eventually starts peeling & flaking off in spots. It really disappointed me because it had looked so good & it was so light. I hope I can find a way for this to work in the future. It formed the perfect looking wave caps. I had tried not painting it but having the blue paint just underneath it. That didn't look quite right so that's why I tried painting the sicone surface itself.





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Hi Jesse,


Been enjoying your build...really challenging with such a fragile glass bulb.


On the sea...just a thought but would a thin layer of Scuply perhaps work so it isn't too heavy? Comes in many colors and could be painted as well. Could be textured to make some waves and lightly rolled to get it in before opening it out. Some white paint once it is in may allow some white caps as well.


Just a thought.....good luck!





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