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Glue problems


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Like Mark says, PVA is great for wood to wood bonding. Something like Elmers or Titebond. For metal to wood, CA is good and comes in 3 different thicknesses, thin, medium, and gap filling. Depending on what you are working on, choose the best thickness. Be careful with CA as it sticks to everything quickly, including skin. :o I have been glued to my model more than once and required debonder to get free. Also they make a spray liquid that bonds and dries the glue instantly. This is great for joints under stress that you want to hold quickly and where you can't really clamp it to hold it for you. Also, Epoxy is good for repairing metal parts and making metal to metal joints.


Vince P. :dancetl6:

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Hi, Welcome to MSW. Don't glue directly to the ship, not with any glue. Put a wee bit on a plate or something and transfer it. Gluing directly will end in tears every time.it did for me anyway!



Awesome thanks for the help

From me,


I would say......  :sign:  to both of you.


And the secret is, use a small plastic cup of some kind to transfer the glue. ​ ​

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I use carpenter's glue (Titebond), almost exclusively when building my wood models. I use a flux bottle as an applicator for the glue, like this one:



As an alternative, you could place a small amount of glue in the little disposable plastic cups, then apply with a small paint brush.


I try to avoid using cyanoacrylate (super glue) as it can spoil the finish of your wooden model. 

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