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Mercury by DSiemens - FINISHED - BOTTLE

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I've finally got started on a new project.  I'm working on a ship called the Mercury.  She isn't actually an existing ship but a ship drawn by a pirate in another forum I'm a part of.   :piratetongueor4: Truth be told I'm a bit of a pirate as it was the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean that got me into this craft.


This ship comes at the request of another pirate so I will do my best to do it well so I don't get keel hauled or marooned some where.   :pirate41:  I do plan on making this a dual build but for now I'm testing things out.  I've done a plank on bulkhead once before with my English Cutter the Fly.  It turned out to be one of my best ships so I hope the technique will do the same for these ones.  so far things are coming along.  If it works out well I'll start the other one.  








I chose this method mainly to test the draughts.  It's one thing to draw a ship it's another thing altogether if your drawings actually work.  Also I like the realistic look it gives me.  

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Thank you all for your kind comments.  


Well i have some bad news.  The ship as is has been scrapped.  As I was comparing it to the draughts it had some fatal flaws that made it not at all the ship I was trying to build.  I think I may still use it later since it looks good but I'm starting over on the Mercury.  To me it's all part of the learning experience.  I did the same thing on the cutter I built using the same technique.  The first time I built it I planked the hull and it looked so bad I threw it way.  It did turn out to be one of my best ships though.  I've posted a picture below in case any one wanted to see it.  I hope to have pictures of the new and improved Mercury soon.




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Food is fine so long as you clean it up after.  No one likes a sticky forum floor.   ;)


So I'm still not sure about this one.  I think I'm in over my head with the planking method and I'm thinking of reverting back to my specialty in solid hulls.  It's that or I'm to much of a perfectionist.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this I really need honest opinions.  Since the pirates are actually paying for this I want it to be my best work.  









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Michael - I think the planking of the fist helped me get the crisper planking of the second.  Truthfully I quickly read through a couple planking tutorials and I think I need more practice on a larger scale before I try this scale.  


Augie - The planks are pretty thin.  I may just give it a try and if it works it works if it doesn't I'll go with a solid hull.  I'm going that direction any ways since I'm not liking how this is turning out.  


I decided to post plans so you can see what I'm going for,  Since they are on line already I don't think I'm infringing on anything.   




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Dan with these tiny bulkhead builds I find it is important that the bulkheads are faired in to a good line. With my builds I put extra glue at the centre so the bulkheads are very well fixed. Do the fairing with a flat needle file it is much more precise than sandpaper. Your planking however looks good! Give it another go, I like a planked hull even at this scale it feels like building a real ship!


This is going to be a pretty wee pirate vessel!



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In mu club we have a guy who likes to build miniatures.  The woods he uses are apple pear holly and boxwood.  They hold an edge better and can be polished up to look very clean and crisp.


Basswood  can get a little fuzzy at the smaller scales.

David B

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I know you are more comfortable (perhaps) with a solid hull but your work here is very, very close to what you want.  In fact it really shines in my eye for about 90% of the planked hull.  I think the comments on both fairing and wood are valid.


I applaud your current effort and know that sooner or later you will come up with a POB model you're satisfied with.  The effort you've made is incredible to me.

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Thank you all for the suggestions and encouragement.  I will see if I can't get a hold of some apple, Pear, Holly or Box wood.  Next time I will use a solid wood as well and not paper bulkheads.  It worked for my other ship but that one is also half the size of this one.  I'll have to get on one of the wood sites and see what I can find.  


Meanwhile I will work on the solid hull.  There's a technique I've been thinking about using where you cut the bulk heads out of the plans and then sand down the hull to fit the negative so to speak.  That way it's a solid hull but still to a more exact scale.


Thanks again.  I know I'll get it.  It's only a matter of time.    

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Daniel - what are dimensions of the wood you are using for the planks? It may be that if you were able to use narrower stock (to allow more planks between the top rail and the keel) they would lay better than the few planks that fit in the space now. I think what you have now looks pretty good but I understand the desire to get everything as smooth as possible. The comments about the importance of fairing are also crucial to getting a good run of planking.



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Daniel, who am I to comment on your excellent work. You have the end result in mind, but if it is of any help, the fourth plank as from the bottom looks dented or it is a distortion in the picture by the camera lens. Will follow your new built with great interest.




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Wow I leave for a weekend and have a ton of posts to sift through.  


Bob- I agree narrower planks would work way better.  They are actually half the size I started with but still not narrow enough.  I only have an exacto knife so I had a hard time cutting them to much narrower with out them breaking apart or not cutting straight.  I'll have to see if I can get some milled thinner to begin with.  


John - Thank you for your complements.  You have a good eye there is an issue with some denting on that side.  It comes from the planks being to wide.  As Bob suggested Narrow would be better.  One of a few reasons it's not up to par.  


I've been out of town over the weekend but hope to get into the solid hull tonight.  I'll have photos soon.   

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 I have planked a few sibs (The Black Pearl) However I start with a solid hull and then plank on top of it to give it a realistic look. Look forward to seeing the Brig when you do get it done. I also prefer Pirate type ships but some how I end up doing Clipper and sloops.




current build SIB The Bounty and the Scientific Constitution.

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Al - Seems as though I've been running into you a lot today and I'm just now connecting the dots.  I would love to see your Black Pearl that one has been on my list for a long time.  


Well as the old saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it.  I went back to my usual method of eye balling it.  I forgot the crazy measurements and the careful calculations and followed my motto, "If it looks right it probably is."  Strangely enough I have a more accurate hull and have had more fun building.  Remind me not to think so much.  


That and I finally got time to sit down and build.  Work has been crazy, kiddos have been up all night and into everything, then when that was all said and done the Admiral had me cleaning the galley and swabbing the decks. :piratetongueor4: Still I got some build time in.  Now I can go out tomorrow and do it all again.   :dancetl6:


So here's the long awaited pictures.  






It still needs to come down a bit more but I am by far happier with this result then my last two attempts.  After I get it just right I'm debating planking the hull as Al mentioned or doing what I did with the Santa Maria and scribing the planks.  Got some time before I get to that so we'll see.  


Thank you all for your help and support.  I have enjoyed and taken into great consideration all of the suggestions posted.  



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