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Santísima Trinidad by Sjors - OcCre - 1:90

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15 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

you could let a few trucks drive over it.......that might do it ;)    yea......that's pretty serious.......and you already done it once.   hope the parts get to you quickly :)     good time to trace and cut all the parts  from plywood.......then you'd have two hulls!    double the fun! :)   can't help it........insanity has it's virtues,  Vincent :)   

Dont do that... Truck tires arent cheap😱

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Add me to the list of on lookers. I really enjoyed making the cross section of this ship, which itself is pretty big. If i were to try to make the full ship the admiral would have a cow!

A replacement keel is the right solution. Hopefully the rest of the kit is OK.

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I received my new false keel today :D

OcCre has send the first one to my old address in Schiedam.

And the people who live in our house now has send it back to Spain !

I was asking yesterday by E-mail where my false keel was and they tell me that they get it back on Thursday but send it right away to our new address.

So I was expecting it on Tuesday but.........it was here today !

Very good and quick service from OcCre !

Thanks OcCre !!!!!!!



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Time for a update.


As I told you before, I receive my false keel.

I place all the frames on it and I'm happy :D

Also the first deck is ready .

The picture you see the deck without any varnish.

Tomorrow I will place a picture with tung oil on it.

I will do that tonight so it can dry.

The second picture will show you "little" clamps :P

Just for sure that everything stick together......







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Thanks Denis and Ulises.

Also that for the likes.


@ Ulises,

When the popcorn bag is empty ....just re-fill it :D


I have plank the decks.

The lower gun deck has also a layer of tung oil.

And I see the other ones also .....Morning Sjors.

I also post a few pictures with the beginning of the planking and the end result.

The bow section looks if it needed some modifications but don't forget...there is a lot that comes at the wall.

So maybe a little sanding paper?






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Looking very good Sjors!


I also want to thank you for a very fine sunday. I really enjoyed it:)

Sjors, Anja and I went to a museum in Rotterdam where many builders from an other building club showed there models.


Some pictures....


Outside the museum the build of the "Delft" and a real anchor....








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Thank you all......


The color is better then I thought :D:D


@ Tom,


Sorry , I missed your post.

The wood is not that bad.....

It's not Caldecraft but I can work with it.

The only thing with Ochre is that they have a lot of metal parts in the kit.

When you want to bash it then this is a good opportunity.....( difficult word for me )

But overall I'm happy.

And it is not the first OcCre kit that I'm building.

1 : Spirit of Mississippi

2 : Corsair

3 : San Ildefonso

4 : Santísima Trinidad.....

And Anja is building the Nuestre Señora del Pilar.

So you see.....we are keeping OcCre busy :D


@ Sam,


Just keep looking at the build log for kits.

You know me by now....one build at the time is not enough.

I know what you want to say....what about the Stage Coach ?????

You are right about that but I don't feel the need to work on it right now.....sorry......


@ Piet,


I will send you new glasses.....

That's Hennie with that anchor, not me !

We are in the picture before that.

The picture with Anja and myself, looking at some models.

But I understand that you prefer to see Anja .....:default_wallbash:




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The Coach will be finished when its ready Sjors, I'll wait, that doesnt mean I wont poke at you about it from time to time. :P


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I don't know what you mean Anton.

Sam is talking about a Wells Fargo stage coach.

I was building her and almost finished when it fells from the table......



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On this sunny Sunday I have a little update.

Place the upper deck, planked it and put Tung oil on it.

Then make the inner bulwark.

On the manual they just keep it natural but I painted it ochre red.

Much better in my opinion.

Then the first parts of the bulwark on it and now 3 more to go on each side of the ship.

There is also place for supports for the false canons

It's better to glue the support on before you put the things on it ( don't know the name......)





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I goes slow but it' s going......

I have placed the gun deck gun ports.

It was not that easy as I thought.

At the bow they has to make a strange curve to get it right.

But I'm happy with it.

Then I also make the first planks.

On top 2 sapelli and below that ramin wood.

This is going till the end of the 4th gun deck gun ports .

When I'm there I have to go back to the sapelli wood.

It's single planking so I have to do it the right way .

I have only one change to do it.......

I also dry fit 3 gun port frames to let you see what it is in the future......









First planks.jpg

First planks 2.jpg

Gun deck gun ports.jpg

Gun deck gun ports 2.jpg

Gun port frames.jpg

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Looks very good Sjors. You said the model is single planked, but I suppose that these prefab gunports will be planked to?

And with so many canons..... Are they made of messing? Because if so, it may be a good idea to  blacken these guns with "bruineringsmiddel".



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yes, the prefab gun ports are also has to be planked.....

But still single planking because that prefab is not planking 🤔

And the canons are not messing but a look if it is old......

So no work on that 😁




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Looking good, Sjors.   Maybe I'll come and see your beautiful work  in person when I'm in Amsterdam on June 2nd and June 17th. We're taking a cruise on Holland America.

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Thanks for the fine words my friends!




Yes, above the waterline is fineer but i have to plank it also with wood that has the same thicknes as the darker wood for the bottom.

The fineer is 2 mm inside the frames.

if not, thicknes enough for sanding 🙃2 mm.



Also thanks and i will send you a PM in a few minutes.








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