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Santísima Trinidad by Sjors - OcCre - 1:90

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Hello all,


The Santísima Trinídad was built in Havana and launched on 2nd March 1769. It was the biggest warship of the 18th century, with 130 guns. After taking part in the naval campaigns of the late 18th and early 19th century, it last saw active service at the battle of Trafalgar, under the ensign of rear admiral Cisneros, where it was dismasted by the English fleet.



Length : 1060 mm

Heigth  : 876 mm

Width   : 415 mm


Click here for more information about the Spanish ship Nuestra Señora de la Santísima Trinidad.


I already cleared the workspace to make room for her.  But alas, one piece of the keel and one frame were warped.

The keel was so terribly warped, and I was so surprised by the look of it, that I totally forgot to take a picture. Sorry :huh:





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Hoi Elijah and Ken,


@ Elijah,


Yes I know ,I should take a picture.

Now it is under a big plank and clamps.

I will take a look tomorrow how it looks otherwise I will scratch a new one.


@ Ken,


It's not that difficult.

When the glue or paint is drying, I can switch to the other one.

It's not the first time that I'll be doing this.



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Hey there, Sjors. Another build of a ship that is already in my stash. I've had this kit for about 5 years now. I feel more inclined towards ships of the 17th century, but I have to admit this is one magnificent ship!

Congratulations. I'm pulling a chair just next that popcorn machine Anja just brought!!! :)


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@ Ulises,


I understand it.

So then I building it by myself......boring !


@ Waitoa,


Welcome ( even you don't see a thing yet )


@ Popeye,


I save you a nice, relaxing chair ...


Still no progress .

The false keel is still under the clamps.

Maybe tomorrow ?



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Good morning Sjors,
Nice kit to make i have this too but have not begun yet, where did you buy this i buy my parts in Occre Barcelona straight i have all the first 3 parts of the kit but i'm not in a hurry to To get started because I have to finish my Victory first.
I've also seen masterpieces from Santisima in other forums that I wonder ... how do they do that? Including those of Donny in SOS and in a Spanish forum
Good luck with your new kit and I will follow your work in silence to not disturb your new masterpiece

Django56 (Willy)

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Welcome Zoltan ,Piet and Willy


Nice seat Zoltan ?:D


@ Piet,


For you a chair in front...

You need a magnifier ?




I buy the kit at a local hobby store in Leiden, Sjaaks hobbyshop.

It save me around 50 Euro's.

I know that you can buy it in parts.

I will follow Donnie's Santísimi Trinidad and also Theo on this forum ( GTM)

Take a look at his build log.

And don't follow in silence.

If you have comments or questions.....just saying it or ask it !




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I have moved the clamps and place the re-enforcements to put the false keel together.

That is drying and I hope that I have a straight false keel.

If not, I have to see what I'm doing.

In the mean while I'll be starting to make the barge's.

Then I have to do something !







Small barge.jpg

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Story continues.....


Everything is dry drift to see how it goes.

At the pictures you can see that there is a warped keel/frame/bulkhead.

I put clamps on it to see if I can get it straight.

When I glue the frames/bulkheads ,maybe I can keep it straight.

I know that the glue I'm using are very strong when it is dry.

What do you think.







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you weren't kidding about the warp!  hope your idea works.........if not,   scratch'in out a keel may be the better solution.   it beats send'in away for replacement parts,  'cuz you'll have something to do while your waiting :)    {insane humor.........ha.....ha}

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I just post some pictures so you can see what I mean.

Everything I try was not working.

So I have send OcCre this morning an E-mail with the same pictures.

I'm curious what they are saying about this.

But I think it's gonna be the best way to go to the store and see if I can find some wood of 5 mm thickness.

Then I have to scratch a new keel.

But I will make that then in one piece and not two.

But first I will wait for an answer from OcCre.




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I can do anything Viking....

I'll have to wait for my replacement !

And I just received an E-mail from OcCre


"This warped it’s due to the change of temperature.
When you place the hull reinforcement, the keel gets straight, but your keel is very warped. We will replace it.

In some days you will receive the replacement pieces."

So they have really a great service ( what i already know )


So, I'm gonna wait.....and wait.....and wait.....




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Eek!  That was one wicked warp there.  I suspect you would have been chasing accumulating errors all the time if you tried to straighten it out and use it.


Sorry I am a bit late arriving - I see a spot back there in the corner.  Will await patiently the next steps.



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This can be fixed. One, soak the keel in water, get good and wet, then place the keel on a hot surface like a flat spot on a concrete driveway outdoors, then place weights on top covering the keel and let sit to let dry thoroughly. I have done this in the past and it has worked. Also, you the thickness of the keel isn't that important as it's relatively close. and will support the frames.  







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Welcome also.

You found a nice place ?


@ mtdoramike,


Thanks Mike ( I call you Mike if you don't mind )


I have soak the keel for 1/2 hour.

Then I let it dry for 3 days with weight on it.

When it was dry yesterday I make it loose and in 1 hour it was this again.

I see that you are living in Florida.

With a lot of sunshine ?

I'm from the Netherlands and sunshine is  a weather thing that we don't see much......

Then a concrete driveway.....

The only way that we are having is a highway !

And I can try that :rolleyes:

But Occre is sending me a new one so I'll will wait for that.

But thanks for your help!



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you could let a few trucks drive over it.......that might do it ;)    yea......that's pretty serious.......and you already done it once.   hope the parts get to you quickly :)     good time to trace and cut all the parts  from plywood.......then you'd have two hulls!    double the fun! :)   can't help it........insanity has it's virtues,  Vincent :)   

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