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Pinta by jct - Shipyard - 1/96 scale - CARD

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Hello A

With the summer camping season upon us I've had very little time to work on any of my modeling projects, the Harriet Lane  still sits on the bench and I've parked the Niagara as well.   I had toyed with the idea of taking some material along but was always deterred by the hassle involved with moving a semi completed project, so the idleness continued, that is until recently!


I was perusing MSW one day and came across Clare Hess's (Catopower)  build log for the HMS Alert from Shipyard (link below)) a paper model...I've seen paper done before, primarily following Doris's scratch builds (link also below).  The attraction to paper is the lack of special tools required to complete a build.


 So with these two excellent builders as inspiration I took the plunge and ordered the Shipyard Pinta kit from Age of Sail.  My primary reason for choosing this kit was cost, it is only $22, I did spring for sails and mast accessory kits which brought the total up to $36.16, less shipping.  Not an exorbitant amount for an experiment.  THe kit arrived in a couple days and was packaged very well, the main kit consists of 5 pages of printed parts, 1 laser cut in heavy cardboard and 4 printed color parts, some really nice flags, and lots of color photos/instructions .  The sails are nicely printed on fabric and precut, the mast are just dowels of various diameters, but does come with a laser cut crows nest, which is a nice addition.


So here goes another build log...this one though will only be added to when we get away for the weekend as it is happening on the rv dining table!

The first couple pics show the kit packages, I plan to take a snap of the individual sheets as they are used.





The ships keel and frames are laser cut from heavy pressed card...



These were easy to remove with a #11 scalpel...



Once all the parts were removed the main structure was assembled using PVA, the parts fit was very good, the parts went together with no fiddling whatever...




I used a straightened paperclip to run a small bead of glue on each kerf before mating the pieces together then used a lego to square things while I readied the next part...





It didn't take long to complete the frame...




So that were she sits for now, the plan is to build this little ship pretty much box stock with the exception of the ropes, which I will spin up on my rope walk, looking through the sheets of parts the real challenge looks like it will be the rigging blocks, those I may replace as well, but we will see.

Thanks for looking in, appreciate you time and attention












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Hi J. 

Will follow along with this one if you please.

Many modelers underestimate the quality and finish that card/paper models can acheave.

As you have pointed out we have some very experienced and superb card and paper modelers on MSW. 

A vacation with my family and a model ship kit would never work out for me... unless I wanted a divorce.

And taking challenge to build the kit while camping. You are one brave guy.

Will look forward to your build and the scenery as you build. Maybe on your return to Internet access to post updates.


Wishing you well.

Regards Antony.

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LOL...hey Anthony...you're more then welcome to join...what I failed to mention in my previous post is that I'm an early bird...and as the Admiral enjoys sleeping in I usually have a good 3-4 hrs in the a.m. prior to the commencement of any mandatory social obligations...all is well as long as the table is cleared for breakfast :P:P

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Thanks everyone for the likes and kind comments, a question for you more experienced card/paper builders...what would you recommend using to  color edges?  I've heard everything from markers, pencils, crayons...any input is appreciated


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Hi jct,


I have had great results with Faber Castell PITT artists pens despite what others say. I was directed to them by other card modellers. 


They are are quick and easy to use, don't need to worry about getting it where you don't what, don't bleed, dries immediately and edge colour before joining as they don't effect the glue joint. 


Saying that I also use watercolours and acrylics although I didn't like watercolour pencils. 


Try a few different options and see what works for you although you may settle on a couple depending on the task at hand. 




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Welcome Danny, glad to have you aboard, to answer your question yes it's Jay...but most people always ask just the opposite so I just use the J...:huh:...plus its easier to spell!!


I'm glad to have some experienced card builders like yourself and Slog looking over my shoulder , I'm hoping to put some time in this week end



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First I want to say thanks to everyone for the likes and kind words...The better half and I got away for the week end so I was able to put more time into the Pinta build, first I want to add some photos of the kit parts that I failed to add in the opening post:


This is the crow's nest that comes with the accessories pack



Very nice flags



and the pre-cut sails and the line that comes with the sail pac



pics of some of he planking sheets and the hull fill sheet


and we're off...the first section of the hull fill cut...



...and applied



the kit instructions call for some parts to be glued to card to bring them to the appropriate thickness, here the fore deck structure is glued to some .5mm chipboard



cut free



and installed, the same treatment for the main deck...using some Tamiya masking tape to hold the deck curve


then it was back to glueing in the fill pieces...pva used exclusively for this





A question here for all you experienced card builders...should i be concerned with the lines you can see on the hull??  do you think they will they show through the the planking layer?    After the hull was set aside to dry I started work on the sails


as can be seen in the previous photo they were creased from shipping, so I soaked them and set them out on my cutting mat to dry...


that worked well, the sails themselves are a nice fabric pre-cut and printed with seam lines and decorations, on the square ones.  This pic shows the spinnaker and the cord supplied to use as bolt rope...


 glued this to the edge of the sail and formed loops to serve as clews and earring cringles 



The clews and cringles still have to be served, the sail pack also includes line for that.

  Well that's it for the Pinta for now, thanks for your time and attention



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everyone,

We got away for the long weekend so I was able to get some build time on the Pinta, started working on the aft cabin wall...59adc2c77b26b_27-aftcabinwall.JPG.404e83a18fa36ea9aaaadc3e3b6374b9.JPG

all the parts have to be thickened to the appropriate thickness by laminating the kit pieces to other stock so they are glued up before being cut out.   Once the excess material is removed you need to color the edges somehow, I'm using watercolor pencils for that task, I also have some tube water color paints I'm going to experiment with later in the build. 


the little doors came next the hinges are separate pieces and really add depth to the part


the deck planking pieces were prepared next


and installed...


The slot in the bow planking had to be widened to allow for the stem pieces to be added...so this part was carefully removed and reinstalled after the stem was built.  That's one thing I'm unsure of with the kit drawings, the order of assembly... it isn't clear in some cases, in the future I'll have to study the pieces  more carefully to avoid redos, this one turned out to be no harm no foul...59adc2c63561b_34-stempostbuildup.JPG.8014a00088d0f203ce492ba65a450e8c.JPG

The aforementioned stem


the completed bulkhead installed...there are supposed to be frames around the windows but they were completely butchered by the hamfisted shipwright...:huh:...I've an idea on how to remanufacture them, but that will be in the next installment...


Shot from the bows...Well that's it for now, there won't be any updates to this log for a couple weeks, but I'll be working on the Harriet Lane.

Thanks to all for the likes and kind comments, appreciate you stopping by


33-deck and cabin.JPG

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32 minutes ago, jct said:

there are supposed to be frames around the windows but they were completely butchered by the hamfisted shipwright...:huh:...I've an idea on how to remanufacture them

Here's a tip J - use a narrow chisel blade Xacto (you will have to grind one to width if you can) and CHOP the INSIDE of the frame out first. Then cut the outside using a steel rule for the straight edges. SHARP blades are vital, a Scalpel works far better than #11 Xacto blades. Use some scrap card for the new frames and paint them.


You can buy a Swann-Morton scalpel and blades on Ebay.


:cheers:  Danny

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Hi everyone, another update to the Pinta,  the side boards were cut out and build up to their proper thickness, I really like the way the kit instructions give you the finished thickness of each piece which allows you to get it correct right off.


I'm using water colors to finish the exposed edges, just mixing colors to get close to the match...


side boards were then mounted to the main hul


by tacking and waiting for the glue to set bending to shape and gluing again, until the whole side was attached then the tiberheads were added


and the waterways added


that's all for now...more next week




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a small update...I decided to fill the main hull so while that was drying I turned my attention to a few small items.  I picked up a new tool called a screw punch, on Amazon for 9 bucks, worked real well.59c81a965567a_41-newtool.JPG.f73adabe10bf23207686f8960fb1b625.JPG

results below


The sails needed to have their markings filled in, I taped them to the kit drawings and filled in the crosses with water color pencil


also started the laser cut crows nest that was included in the accessory pack


i'll get the hull squared away next week and include pics, but thats it for now...thx for the likes 

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