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Scharnhorst by CDW - Halinski - 1:200 - Card Model


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I saw an online build review of this 1:200 Scharnhorst kit and had to find one for myself. This fellow is an extraordinary modeler and does great justice to this kit:



After I began searching for the kit, I realized it is currently out of print. But I was lucky and found the kit at GPM, along with all the photo etch, metal barrels, props, and anchors. The only thing they didn't have were the laser cut frames. I next ran across a shop named Freetime Hobbies in the Ukraine. They had the laser cut frames for this kit and I ordered them, but have not received them yet to photograph them. After reviewing the kit, I am glad I found the laser cut frames. They are extensive.


As you will see in the photographs, the photo etch is extensive with this set!





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Wow! We have had some ambitious card projects started around here recently. I wish you well on this one and look forward to seeing it come together.



Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
- Tuco

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Trust me, I will not start this model until I get at least two simpler card models finished and under my belt. I may not find another one of these and don't want to screw it up.

I have your tutorial all lined up with my sheets printed out and all supplies, except I am waiting on a precision hole punch tool to arrive from Micro-Mark. That should give me a good start then I'll do something a little more complex before starting the "shiny horse".

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I'm also looking forward to this build. Halinski are probably the best card kit maker, at least as far as I've found so far. Happy building :).



Cheers, Danny

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