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HMS Victory by William-Victory - Heller - Plastic - First ship build

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I'm new to MSW and ship building.  I have done a lot of modeling over the years.

And I have found out that ship building is the 'meat and potatoes', if you will, of modeling.


I have lost a lot of my earlier photos of the cannon being built and the hull construction.  I followed pete coleman example and others to get ideas for details.

Books are needed to build these ship models if you want to even try to be accurate.


I'll be submitting a lot of my photos. Many of which will be rather boring but I want to preserve them somewhere other than Facebook.


All comments and tips are welcome!



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welcome to the wonderful world of log blogging :)    that a very nice looking model you have there.   I guess I'll be the first to pull up a chair to watch the continuation of your model.  be sure to take a look at Dafi's Victory......I'm sure you'll get plenty of ideas from his work.   he has really gone in-depth with his Victory build.  love the copper patina ;)    welcome to the forum.

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Yes. Dafi is who I get my photo etch stuff from.

I have the draft numbers on the rudder which I think is a mistake.  These numbers are cool details I try to add.


I ended up putting them all on individually.  I just bought the parts/plates I needed from Dafi.

What I need are 1/100 scale fittings.  Blocks, barrells, figures.


My serving machine broke. kind of stuck on being able to do rigging.


(2019 now) I am now really regretting putting those draft numbers on the rudder!






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My first multi-piece brass etching parts.  I didnt solder it. I just used CA and I hope it holds.

The problem with CA is that it fogged up the glass and you cant see the compass.  I've also given it a dash of brown. The finished look is likely to pop up in future pictures.

Thanks for the thumbs up so far.  A purist will certainly find problems with my build. I take constructive criticism very well. So if you have tips let me know.




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Pikes.  Without the photo etch details I could not have made a model I would be happy with.  Thanks to Dafi of course.


I removed the grates at the main mast.  I think I should have just cut the slots out of the grates instead of removing them completely.



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The wire ends on my serving machine broke at the solder joint... and since have disappeared.

I use the alligator clips now and improvise.


(The chains, above, are too close to the cannon doors imho. )


Alligator clips and brass wire actually give me more options.

Its bendable is strong enough to keep  thing tight so far.


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that depends on how detailed you want to get.   you can get a nice screw effect by twisting thin wire and bending the twist at the top for the 'T'.   a hole drilled through the shaft at the end of the barrel will accept it nicely.   you can find examples of this in some of the logs........good to check them out to see what others have done.   good to see your still making progress on her  :) 

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Working on one of the lower deck cannon. 24#

I set it aside a long time ago because of the casting defects.  Fixed it up yesterday and looking a lot better.

The lower decks obviously buttoned up. Not sure where I'll place it yet.



On the last photo where the clip is holding the rope I put a small amount of CA. Is that a bad idea to use CA for tight rope bends?



















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as you can see,  the CA makes the rope look darker.......unless you have some paint,  the same color as the rope,  it may distract from the appearance.  I would use white glue....when dry,  the rope will remain the same color.


what your doing looks great.......nice fix on the cannon ;)   noticed you have a dollop on the tube....did the tube split there?   sad but fairly common problem with the Tubed products...happens to me with glue every once in a while.   never saw Squadron putty before......I thought they sold one :) 

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Some days I feel pressed to get things done on this ship.

However the sooner its finished the sooner will the experience be over.


I lucked out and found this Victory for $50 at an estate sale.  I look at prices and realize like right now that it is a privilege to build one of these models in ones life.

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do you enjoy modeling.......you seem to have a knack for it.  what you learn from this model,  can be applied to future models.   I hope by the time your finished,  you will see the fun and creativity and continue  ;) 


I've had a few bargains in my day,  especially with the Revell series of 1:96 scale kits.   the kits go for around $89.99........I got my second United States kit for $45.00.....I forget what I paid for the Cutty kit on E-bay,  but it was a good buy.   I recently acquired the Constitution kit for $15.00!........couldn't close that deal fast enough!   felt like I was given a million bucks!  ;) 


your doing some seriously nice work here........look forward in seeing more progress :) 

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