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1/72 ADGZ M35 funkwagen armoured car. FINISHED


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Since 1985 I have been building military models on scale 1/72

I'm going to start a small buildlog of the  ADGZ M35(fu) Mittlerer Panzerwagen from manufacturer ACE.




(Foto from ace)



Ace produces plastic scale models in so-called “short run” production.

This means : they make a mold for a model and once the mold is worn out, then the model goes "out of production".

They make interesting and rare models. Buy only suitable for builders with some experience.

This buildlog is not a product review. But just to show you how I make my military models.



Info about this armoured car :



As will be visible on the photos

The construction will not always be smooth. And some pieces will not fit or will need to be replaced.







building the hull and the tower



now i let this dry for at least 24h.


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thank you for the positive comment and the link.

Short run kits are indeed a challenge.

But, only thanks to manufacturers such as ace. I can continue my hobby.

Otherwise, with about 1400 models build,  its scratchbuilding or semi scratchbilding for me


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16 hours ago, Roger Pellett said:

What were these vehicles used for?  The large antenna looks like some sort of RDF unit.  Is this so?




The frame antenna serves for long-distance communication (FU = Funk = "radio")

It looks that a few of these vehicles were equipped with additional radios and the accompanying antenna during the war.


Depending on the type of radio, this was for communication with the commander and / or airforce  support.


The disadvantage of these large antennas was that they were very visible. 

Later in the war, the frame antenna was replaced by a less visible "star" antenna. Because these vehicles became priority targets for the enemy (he who can not communicate with the headquarters can not ask for support or send information about the enemy).


General info,



Thanks for asking 

And everyone thanks for the likes and to follow

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1 hour ago, SigEp Ziggy said:

Patrick, sorry about the flood of likes, but I too prefer 1/72 armor and had to say you did an outstanding job on this unusual build.  Thanks for sharing with the forum.




1 hour ago, ragove said:

Great weathering!


50 minutes ago, Barbossa said:

Great work.

I assumed this type of vehicles were only available in a 1/35 scale, which makes this achievement even more impressive.

Thank you for these nice comments 

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