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Nina by SigEp Ziggy - Lindberg - Scale 1/144 - PLASTIC - Triangular sails before refit in Azores

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This kit was regularly $33 and I could not resist the purchase at 70% off.

I wanted to start with some kind of plans to follow and found these online. I want the basic look to be like this image. I started with the the decks. I did not like the fact that there were three decks. So, I removed the step between second and third decks, and the molded on ladders section. I combined the two decks and cut a piece of styrene to extend the main deck. I worked on the hull halves next. The interior got the ribs removed as they were too many and too small. I also removed the deck locator pins as well as the extractor pin marks. The rudder was removed to add a tiller and a hole was cut for the tiller. The exterior halves got the cannon holes filled in with sprue, the locator pins for the anchors were removed, and some material was removed to allow for railing. The plans show about 40 rings attached to the deck. I will try to make these true to scale, these will be very, very small.



La Nina plans II.jpg

Nina Caravel.jpg

phone photos I 014.jpg

phone photos I 015.jpg

Phone Pics II 006.jpg

Phone Pics II 007.jpg

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I have worked a little on the Nina. Mostly preparing for the next steps. I want to plank the decks and the hull. I started to build a plank stripper, however it did not work so well. The edge was not cut straight and will need to be sanded. I painted the edge black and will sand it on a piece of glass. I also started making rings out of wire. I need about 45 rings on eyebolts for this kit.




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