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Arizona Memorial by SigEp Ziggy - Shapeways, Revell - 1/429:1/426 scale - PLASTIC

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I decided to start a new build log based on the classic Revell 1/426 USS Arizona. I will be creating a diorama of the USS Arizona as she is now with the Shapeways memorial scale model. I started by removing the decks from their sprue and assembling the basic model. I only need the two hull halves, the two primary decks, the first secondary deck, two turrets and one set of guns. I traced the outline of the inverted hull onto a piece of cardboard. After measuring the length and width, I printed the drawing that I will base my build on, on legal size paper. Now I just need to take my plan to a copy store and have them match the size for me. Once I have these copies, I can match up the model to the drawings.



Arizona Box Art 001.jpg

phone pics III 014.jpg

phone pics III 017.jpg

phone pics III 019.jpg

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strange.......I've seen pictures that appears that turret #2 was removed.  two of her turrets {the aft turrets} were removed and rebuilt on Mokapu pennsula and Kahe point,  as pillbox batteries.   the guns from turret #2 were removed,  relined,  and later installed on the U.S.S Nevada,  to be used in the war against Japan.


Battleship Photo Index BB-39 USS ARIZONA


there'a quite a bit of info here.   013923b.jpg.7dd1b4cb6dfb9b78b0cfc4ff67cd7348.jpg

the blast to her bow affected both turrets and the superstructure.

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I have done some research ahead of time, probably more than a year, but this is the first time the model has seen the light of day in a very long time.


The explosion lifted the armored deck and when it came back down a lot of the ship was no longer there. This explains why the forward mast was bent at such an angle. 




The port bow section is bowed out. The main deck much lower forward of where the superstructure was, and the keel must be fractured near the bow.




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I have been working on, and receiving parts in the mail for, the Arizona Memorial. 


First I got the moorings from Model Monkey. Then I found a photo I will use for the diorama. And lastly, I started working on the no2 turret, the mud lines on the hull and received the Memorial from Shapeways.


Aug19 phone pics 006.jpg

uss arizona longitude.gif

working arizona memorial 001.jpg


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Hello Shane


I have taken some time to look at this log again, I love the way you have done your research, well done, that just goes to show that you are committed to your build.


Also well done on having the courage to purchase a kit then destroy it so you can achieve your desired effect.


Thank you for sharing and showing us your skills on this forum.



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Thank you so much Jo, it means a lot to me. 


I have put off modeling for too long and didn't know how much fun it would be to share on forums and make new friends. This is GREAT!


This Arizona kit is very old and like Revell's Constitution many have built it before or many times. I wanted to build this diorama as the USS Arizona is now and as accurately as I can.


I did visit her in 1973, when I was 12, (opps, dating myself) and was deeply affected. So, many years later, I will honor that memory and those who served her.

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