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Very thin rigging threads

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I am building Corel's Amphion and discovered a substantial problem.

There are a lot of 3 mm blocks in the rigging. The holes in these block are very small. It is impossible to use the rigging thread included in the kit. I bought 0.15 mm thread, but still to big compared with the holes. I even tried sewing thread (probably cotton) and the diameter seems to be even smaller than 0.15 mm, but still impossible. Women usually have more skill in puting thread in a needle eye, so I asked my wife to try. No success. She even thought the idea of putting sewing thread through these tiny holes was ridiculous and impossible.


So what shall I do?

Some sort of plastic material would probably be the best, but where can I find the small sizes?

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Small blocks are a pain. I hold them with needle nose pliers, turn on my lighted magnifier and drill the little buggers out. Probably ruin 1 in 10. Then stiffen with CA and viola done. I have had very little luck using a needle threader on such small blocks. If you can’t get a single line through how can you get a doubled line and doubled metal of the threader through? I have ruined many a threader this way as they will pull apart. Also upgrade to a quality block. The holes are much more uniform and makes drilling and rigging much easier.


Jim Rogers


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Several solutions: Use CA to stiffen the end of the thread and cut in an angle to make some sort of a needle.

Use floss threaders (my choice of tool) or needle threaders to pass the thread through the holes.




Enlarge the holes. I always do this. Enlarging the holes also cleans them.This makes threades easier to go through.


Hope this helps.



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I've been using thin (very thin) CA to stiffen the block before drilling.  Seems to work for me.

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These needle threaders seem to be an obvious solution - but I realised early on in my carreer that they cannot really work on scale(!) blocks, because in addition to the double thickness of thread you have the double thickness of the wires - in reality, however, the clearance in the shell of the block is not more than about a quarter more than the diameter of the rope for which it is made.


Enlarging holes in model-blocks to suit, blows the idea of scale out of the window.


The only solution is to stiffen the end of threads. My personal choice for this is fast-drying lacquer, such as solvent-based nail-varnish - I keep the use of CA to the absolute minimum, I almost hate it. With the lacquer you can also twist the end between your fingers to tighten it up - not recommendable with CA ;)



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With CA you can use a razor to cut the end at an angle, creating a point.


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I  use the smallest drill bit I had that was a wee bit bigger than the holes, and slowly ream out the hole would rarely split a block unless I tried to hurry other than that always used the CA on the end. Had no patience with or for threaders.

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