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Confederacy by tigerdvr - Model Shipways - scale 1/64

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I’ve not done a build log before but it seems like all the action on the Model Expo Confederacy has died out. So I thought I would put together an short photo log on my Confederacy project.

I started this build August 9, 2016. My intent was to build her per the kit plans and with whatever came in the box. That has changed somewhat. I am using the steering wheel kit and cannon carriages from Syren Model Company, brass cannon form Maritime Models, and lime wood for the deck from Cornwall Ltd. Instead of making my own double bead trim I purchased it from Northeastern Scale Lumber.

The pictures are recent covering the planking, building the transom, and now planking the inside of the bulwarks. I took a break planking a couple of months ago and built the stove, steering wheel, capstan, round houses, and binnacles.

I’d love to rig her but that will take some serious consideration.





bl5.jpgBottom paint

bl6.jpgDouble bead trim getting painted

bl7.jpgTook a break to work on other parts

bl8.jpgTest fit


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Getting ready to install the stern and gallery windows. They fit surprising well with little fitting required.The windows of this period were referred to as lights. The frames are airbrushed the same yellow as the double bead trim pieces.


Micro Kristal Klear will be used for the glazing. I experimented on a spare frame which came out OK.


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Work on the stern windows and trim is moving right along. Some adjustment was required to get the gallery window frames to align to an acceptable level.

The kit supplies two gallery drops. One fit with little trimming needed. The other one is a disaster. A new drop has been requested from the manufacturer.

Being relatively new to PE on wood I was thinking (dangerous) of what adhesive would work best. I had glazed the windows with Microscale Micro Kristal Klear. The instructions on the container refer to using it as an adhesive so I thought I would try it on the PE trim. It is very easy to use, starts drying fairly quick but gives you time to align things. Excess dries clear and invisible. That really helped with the intricate trim pieces. The PE trim pieces are the same color as the wood trim.

Stern trim 9.jpg

Stern trim 6.jpg

Stern trim 7.jpg

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Shipped the rudder and worked on the galleries. I screwed up on the upper section of the galleries so I employed

a bit of artistic license with the PE trim. Changed the stern finish from stained to black like Yancovitch's beauty. Liked it better

that way. I'm glad that this portion is pretty much finished.


Cheers, Harley



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  • 4 weeks later...

After a break for work in the armory I am back to the shipyard. The margin planks and waterway have been laid down. Braces were used to make sure

they stayed in place while the glue dried. The coamings, gratings, etc, were constructed and will be stained and glued down. I had completed the stove previously

so it's ready. Next will be the great cabin deck and then the gun deck which will be lime wood and kept light as in holystoned.

Cheers, Harley

(Sorry for the last picture, it was unintended and I wasn't able to delete it)






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Unintended picture
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Great Cabin Checkerboard

The gundeck hatch coamings and compaionways are finished and will be glued to the false deck. I can hardly believe that I’ve reached the point where I can start laying down the gundeck. It’s almost two years since the keel was laid but that includes a hip replacement for me and taking care of an ailing Commodore.

From what I have been able to research, the checkerboard pattern on the deck in the great cabin was painted canvas nailed to the deck. I have chosen to run the gundeck planks all the way to the stern and add my own “canvas”.

I scanned the checkerboard but couldn’t figure out how to flip the image to get a one piece canvas. The  plans only show the port side. After I spent considerable time and eye strain putting checkerboard panels together to form the “canvas deck covering”, I found that my computer error was in scanning in a pdf format. Scanning in .jpg gave me the ability to flip the image and then join the images into one canvas deck covering which will be applied to the deck and sealed.

Attachments show working through the project. I think it will work out fine.


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Picture sequence
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The lime wood gun deck was progressing nicely until I blew up the planks

around the base of the foremast. I was using progressively larger drill bits to make the

7/16 opening. As the pictures show, things went array. Got good practice at repairing

damage.  After making pilot holes I used a small sander to shape the holes for the fore and main masts,  just drill bit and

files for the  mizzen. Lesson learned.


Cheers, Harley

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Work on the gun deck continues. The last Limewood planks have been scarphed and laid. Lime wood was used more to gain experience with other than basswood. The Limewood is harder than bass but was a bit prone to splintering along the edges. My new MicroMake belt sander was used for some of the scarph shaping. The sander has worked quite well so far.

My right hand and wrist get sore quick using a twist drill. Too many hours teaching on the range I guess so I’m going to use the MicroMake high speed drill to do the treenail holes. The test strips have come out okay. The drill is variable speed through the power source and very controllable.

So next comes the sanding, treenails, eyebolts, Captain’s cabin flooring, and finishing. The deck will be kept light as the crew has been manning the holystones every morning before breakfast.


Cheers, Harley



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