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Error in kit and asking for advise

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Hello all.

I just found out what I think is an error or mistake in my Mamoli Royal Louis.

As you can see in the photo of the plans below, the deadeyes are just in front of the cannons. However, as you can see at the arrows, there are two spaces where supposedly these cannons should be.



If I move the chain wale 17mm to the left, as in the next photo,



the cannons align correctly with the spaces, but I am afraid that this will change the angle of the shrouds and I don't know what more consequences this may bring.

What would you do?


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To be honest, in this stage of the build, I would ignore the error.

Had I discovered it earlier, I wouldhave checked the position of the canons. Kitmakers want to overdothenumber ofguns. In the Prins Willemby Corel, thenumber ofguns is almost double theone that the ship actually had.....

The most forward shrould should be almost in line with the mast, taking it far backwards is also an error, wich will attract more attention than the one you want to solve.




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I think Chuck's idea is best. It's easily done and should correct the error entirely.  I disagree that Just leaving it as drawn isn't going to be noticed. Maybe not by an ignorant eye, but you will always know it's there and if you ever show it to a knowledgeable viewer, it's the sort of glaring error that jumps right out and pokes you in the eye. You can't have a ship that's going to shoot out a third of its standing rigging with her first broadside! Shame on Mamoli. This kind of error by an established kit manufacturer is inexcusable in my book, but unfortunately all too frequent.

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OK! You guys made me do it.


First I had to re-plank the chain-wales



Next, to the drawing board to mark where the new deadeyes will fit in order to clear the cannons. The short lines mark the 5mm deadeyes and the long lines mark a few 4mm. Had to be careful that the number of deadeyes remains the same.



Checking the new arrangement against the actual placement in the ship. Everything looks good so far.



Making a copy of board and starboard parts.






Unfortunately, one of the Futtock strops broke when removing, as they were CA glued to the wood, and to my dismay, they were exactly counted in the kit... not one to spare, so I was lucky to find some replacements at Age of Sails. Now I have to wait for them to arrive. So I'm putting apart the chainwales for the time being, and begin work on yardarms.

Thank you all!!!



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who are the people drawing up these kit plans, and how did they get hired? Again and again we see kit plans that are tragically flawed or contain inaccuracies or unworkable arrangements of essential gear, as in this example.  Some of these kits have been around for a very long time and there’s been opportunities, no doubt, to correct the plans. One would think that making adjustments to the plans would be the easiest and least expensive improvement  for a manufacturer to implement mid-production run on a kit? 

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