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This is probably a somewhat silly inquiry. I am working on the Model Shipways 18th Century Armed Long Boat. When I first looked at the instructions, I got the stem and stern reversed as only the center or 0 bulkhead was marked for placement of the strake joints. Therefore my placements of the joints are now on the way to being 180 degrees out of phase from aft to bow. Since I am only two strakes beyond the garboard, I could continue, or I could start correcting or I could start over.  I would prefer to not start over as the completed strakes were very difficult. Which of (1), continuing on, or (2), start correcting, would the forum suggest?  I am thinking that it probably does not really matter but I would appreciate experienced feedback.

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I assume that by the lack of response, what I do is up to me and really is up to me. Except for scale, this boat is very much like the smaller Model Shipways 18th Century Long Boat.  If builders of that boat have any comments on this I would appreciate them. 


My present plan is to start jointing according to the suggested plans. That way only one strake joint will be out of plan. 

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It's not that people aren't helpful and so aren't responding, but perhaps simply that a lot of them were asleep! :D


I haven't built this model, but there are very detailed build logs of it in the "kit build log" section. You may want to repost there.


Generally speaking, and not knowing anything specific to this model concerning the issue you've raised, I'd say that you'd probably be better off disassembling what you've done incorrectly and reassembling correctly. If you've used yellow wood glue, it should dissolve in isopropyl alcohol and free the parts you've already glued. I believe the planking on your model is very accurately laser--cut, so if one plank isn't fit right, none of them will be. Uncorrected errors like the one you've described usually have a maddening tendency to compound as the build continues.


Don't feel bad. Most modelers have made mistakes like yours at one time or another (Some of us a lot of times! :D )  and I think most would agree that when a mistake is discovered, the best course is usually to undo it and redo it right.

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While I'm not building the same model, I had made an error when planking the hull of my Bluenose and attempted to " work around it". Things only got worse so I tore out a good 30 percent of the hull planks. Ordered replacement wood and got it done right the second time. Yes, it added time and labor to the build but I'm in no hurry and feel better knowing it's done correctly. JMHO

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Gidday Dr PS.

In my opinion you have made the correct decision to restart.

I agree with Mr Bob Cleek about not being ignored but members being asleep.

You would be well advised to search the build logs to see how the various pitfalls have been overcome.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.


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My build is going slowly as well.


But my build log is a great place to keep notes for future builds, so I don't make the same mistakes again. 


At times I get advice and support when I update the log.


The log reminds me how far I've progressed.


Keeping the log helps to motivate me to keep my commitment to the build.


Open your build log and I will gladly follow it. Us newbies need all the support we can get.😀


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