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Fender Guitar by Dan Vadas - CARD - FINISHED

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Hi all,


Still waiting on my next model so I've built a "quickie" for my Admiral's neighbour, who is an Elvis impersonator working the clubs etc. It's a free download of a Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar (I have no idea what guitar he actually plays, but it was probably the best one I could find on the Interweb :D ). The model took me two days to make.


Not a bad design, considering the guy who did it isn't a professional Card publisher. However I "did my own thing" in some areas. First one was to re-colour it - the download was fairly garish and un-attractive IMO. I used Inkscape to turn it into a type of silver for a lot of it.


Here's the main body with re-inforcements added :




After spending over an hour cutting all the tabs on the side pieces I finished up cutting them all off again, as the fit was terrible :




Without the tabs I needed something to glue the sides to, so I cut some 0.5mm card slightly smaller than the front/back pieces and laminated it to them :



No more build pics, so here's the finished model. The strings are my own addition (the kit only had them printed on). They are elastic rigging cord :






A couple of coats of Gloss clear still need to be applied.




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21 hours ago, mtaylor said:

Love it.  Looks like the real thing from here.  Hopefully he won't try to tune it and play it.

It's already tuned Mark ;) :D .


18 hours ago, druxey said:

So, next you'll be designing paper models!!!

Definitely not - you may as well ask me to perform brain surgery :D . I have nothing but admiration for those who can design even simple paper models, let alone something like the Mi-24D Hind helicopter. That's a skill in another universe as far as I'm concerned. I'll stick to building :D .



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On 8/26/2019 at 10:28 AM, popeye the sailor said:

super looking guitar Danny.   will you be making a stand for it?

991629437_guitarstand1.jpg.530f06ed47713cc4779e081a812ccf7b.jpg  1240274185_guitarstand2.jpg.e237c65c8c3a3573440b885e4cb479f8.jpg

wire frame and black tubing should do the trick ;) 

Yes. Thanks for the suggestion Popeye, and the pics. Actually my Admiral rang me about 10 minutes after you posted the above with the same thought - how weird :D .



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Wonderful idea to make a paper Telecaster.

But building a real one is not too difficult.

I built this one for my grandson. In fact it is a cheap kit, with a new coat of paint, a corrected neck and improved hardware (better pick-ups and better tuners) I had still in stock from earlier days when I built electric guitars just as a hobby...




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