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I have a Billing Boats "Dragen" (kit number 582) that I purchased on eBay knowing all the pieces of the fitting kit were not there. I ordered the few pieces and have them however, I cannot locate the brass keel piece. But I can make one out of wood. I have the dimensions and I'd like to make it out of a basswood block. The dimensions are 1-1/2" H x 9" long x 1/2" W. Does anyone know where I can purchase a basswood block that size? Our only hobby place is HobbyLobby and they have balsa but not Basswood. Thanks for any assistance.

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Getting hung up on your term "block"  I went hunting in decoy carving supplies.   There is one there 1/2" x 4" x12"  for<$5.00

Trying to imagine what part this is?  

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Midwest Products produces a wide selection of milled basswood for modeling, running from small dimension strips and thin sheets, through large blocks the size of a brick and larger.  https://midwestproducts.com/collections/basswood These can usually be found in the lumber section of any Ace Hardware store and many other chain hardware stores, as well as most any craft store, such as Michaels. Midwest often has a good size display rack in such places stocked with a wide selection. Sourcing basswood is no problem at all. You should be able to find something very close to what you require easily at a local store. Importantly, buying "hands on" will allow you to select a premium piece with the grain just the way you want it, rather than taking your chances ordering mail order.


Even Walmart has it:  https://www.walmart.com/ip/MIDWEST-PRODUCTS-4422-BASSWOOD-BLOCK-2X4X12/36775784



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Assuming this is not a pond yacht, but rather a static model, you can go to your local HD or Lowes or any lumber yard and pick up a small piece of poplar for $1 or $2.  It can be shaped as easily as basswood.  I used this material for a rather complex schooner keel with no problems.  As it will be painted using bass wood or poplar should not make any difference in the final appearance.  Below is the keel for Boothbay65 before installing and afterwards with painting done.




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Thanks for all the replies. I never knew that HD, Lowes or Ace hardware sold wood block. I'll give them a try today before going on line. The wood block is for fabricating the brass keel piece on the bottom of Billing Boats Dragen. It is item F443 in their fitting kit. billing boats.com experienced level, page 3, Dragen, click on plans in top right corner and scroll to last page for the F443 brass keel illustration.

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