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SA 6 "Gainful" by Backer - Trumpeter - 1/72


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Next model is the SAM 6 from the Chinese manufacturer Trumpeter.

SA 6 Gainful is the NATO nickname. The official Russian name is 2K12 "Kub".  




Made in China...
This is not piracy or lower quality. On the contrary, this box is a pleasant surprise.

Neatly packaged and nice molded parts


Wheels and tracks in one part and very well detailed


orderly plan


Building the chassis / hull


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  • The title was changed to SA 6 "Gainful" by Backer - Trumpeter - 1/72
12 hours ago, Canute said:

Nice. I can tell you that was one system that gave the Western air forces sleepless nights. Pretty detailed TEL (transporter-erector-launcher).

Indeed also during the various Israel Arab wars these had "good" results (wikipedia) 


10 hours ago, mtaylor said:

Looks to be a very nice kit of topic not seen much here.   BTW, Trumpeter is legit.  We have quite a few logs here on their products. both ships and non-ships.

Yep, a legit Chinese company and the kits are usually of good quality

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On 11/25/2021 at 7:44 PM, popeye the sailor said:

pull'in up a chair for this one :)

Always welcome 


Further construction


In some parts the connection between the sprue and part is much too thick (my opinion)
This simplifies the injection molding to the parts during production. But there's more cleanup to do for the modeller


ready for painting


base color


wheel-track part ready for assembly


Thanks for following


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