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Storing and using those tiny drills

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We all have used and lost or broken several of those number 80  through 60 drills. Some look like a piece of wire and end up on the floor.


I decided to invest in a set of pin-vises that could be 'dedicated' to hold one drill bit each. I marked them with the size.

In addition, I went a step further and made this drill holder . . . .
No further explanation necessary . . .???





Well, yes, the drills in the second picture have a thicker shaft which comes in handy when using them in my drill press. The set of 'unmarked' drills in the first picture have various sizes for those times when the hole diameter does not matter too much and I just need a 'drill'.
But there are also a number of collets that I can use in the pin vises or my drill press.

Notice also that I have to replace a couple of the real tiny guys.

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I guess I went the expensive route.  I ordered a set of 61's through 80's that come in individual tubes and all in a wooden box from ME.  I replenish as needed...

Right on Mark, but what I like is to have of those guys at my finger tip when I need them. That is why the set of pin vises. When broken, I can still replace them easily. All I need is a better supply.

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That looks really neat Jay, and I'm glad it works for you.


But knowing my klutziness, I'd probably be reaching for something on my bench and know the whole kaboodle on the floor. :oThat, or sweep over the tops of them with my arm-breaking most of them and leaving dozens of nice scratches in my arm :huh:






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 I do use a similar method for my milling bits..  a block of wood with holes drilled in it.  


For my bits, I just leave them in the tubes until I need one.  If I break one, out comes another.  When done, back in the proper tube.  


ME sells bulk bits in packages of 10 in sizes... like a tube of #75's.  $2.99 per package currently which beats MicroMarks price. There's some topics around here that mention other places.

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With my dental drill bits I have a block of wood with holes where I store the bits.  With all the drill bits, I took plastic Styrofoam from a DELL computer box.  Cut a block to size and put it in a tall cigar box. I just stick the bits in the foam.  It holds them up right.  I do like the elaborate set up that modeler12 has.  It is not a guessing game like what I have.


Wackowolf - Thanks for the link to "Drillbitcity", never heard of it, checked it out and like what they have.


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