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Civil War Picket Boat by rafine - FINISHED - Model Shipways

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Like everyone else, I am devastated by the loss of all of the prior log material on the site. Although it won't be possible for me to reproduce the logs of my previous builds, I will, at some point, try to post pictures from those builds. For now, I will update my current build. I wll try soon to repost the pictures that I previously posted on this log.


My most recent completed work was to make and add the propeller, rudder and tiller. The propeller is the kit casting, mounted to a shaft and painted brass. The rudder was shaped and tapered and mounted to a two part shaft made of tube and painted black to match the hull. The tiller was shaped, stained golden oak, finished with Wipe-on Poly and mounted on the rudder shaft with a pin.


I'm now working on the boiler which is a complex, but fun project.











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One of the unexpected benefits of the "crash" is the opportunity to see logs that one might otherwise have overlooked. I'm glad I spotted this one of yours as it looks like an interesting subject, with excellent craftsmanship. I'll be following along from here. keep up the great work.l

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Work on the boiler is now complete, although it won't be mounted on the ship for a while yet until other work is done. The kit provides laser cut framing for the boiler and steam dome along with separate boiler ends and steam dome top. The parts all fit perfectly. The framing was then planked to reproduce the jacketing. The dome planking required extensive shaping by sanding on sandpaper wrapped around the boiler. I used boxwood for the boiler jacket and left it unpainted. It was finished with Wipe-on Poly. Bands were made from black painted paper for both the boiler and steam dome. Mounts for the boiler were made from stripwood.


The smoke hood and funnel were made for one end. The hood used laser cut framing that was assembled and then filed and sanded to shape. The funnel is a piece of dowel with the top drilled out. The funnel bands are also paper.


After assembly of the various parts, the detail items were made up and installed. Photoetched brass was used for the boiler door hardware.The steam pressure gauge was made from a slice of brass tubing, a disk of styrene, a paper face from the kit and a drop of Micro Kristal Klear for the glass. The various piping items were made using the kit supplied cast metal els and valves and aluminum tubing, as well as additional photoetched and wood parts and a piece of clear plastic rod for the sight glass. The piping work was painted using Polyscale flat aluminum ,with some red and black details.


The boiler is one of those things that is just fun to make.














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Many thanks, guys for all the kind words. Funny thing, Russ about the detail at this large scale, If you leave something out it really sticks out. In looking at the pictures I posted, I realized that I had forgotten to put the bolts in the boiler door hinges. Now they're in.




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Thanks, John and Mark. At this scale, the good news is that you can do just about anything-- the bad news is that you have to do just about everything.


A quick update on some small things I've done. First, I added the hinges on the coal bunkers. These are photoetched brass from the kit set, with small pieces of wire added at the hinge bend ( they just didn't look right without it).I also put on some cleats on the sheer rail. Last, I made up and installed three items for which I don't know a correct title. They are brackets or plates to which the gun is attached on the fore deck. These are made from etched brass parts, folded to shape and bolted to pieces of strip boxwood. Small pieces of dowel with wire handles completed the assembly.


Next, I will go back and do the rest of the steam power plant.







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